Festive Left Friday Blogging: The Language of Flowers, and the Day of the Sea

Here’s how to say “Welcome”:


Roses represent love. Quick, somebody, give Evo some:


…because heaven knows he’s lovable. And because he hasn’t got nearly enough flowers around his neck.

Speaking of language, I think the president of Peru needs some lessons. He seems to be under the mistaken impression that Bolivia has given up its demand for sea access. Not so; apparently he hasn’t been in on the conversation between Evo and the president of Chile. They agreed that Bolivia will have sea access via the old Bolivian port of Iquique, which is now part of Chile. And some Bolivian sailors are currently putting to sea with the Chilean navy.

BoRev thinks Sea Day is the “saddest little holiday ever”, but I wouldn’t say so to look at Evo here:


He seems cheerful enough to me. He’s also made it clear that the fight for sea rights is by no means over. And here’s how he said it.

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