How to tell you’re not welcome somewhere

This one’s just for all you shopping-mall developer types reading this…consider it fair warning of things to come:


Behold, the façade of the Sambil mall being built in La Candelaria, a heavily populated but none-too-affluent part of downtown Caracas, Venezuela. I’ve written about this before. Seems it’s still under construction, but the residents are still protesting; seems they still don’t want a castle of capitalist consumerism in their socialist neighborhood. Imagine, a whole heap of people who don’t want to buy piles of overpriced, overrated crap! Underclass people rejecting the vision of the “good” life that their upscale neighbors “enjoy”! They’re actually turning out to protest a building that’s been put there without public consent or legal permission! And they don’t want snarled traffic or destruction of old trees in their neighborhood, either! Instead, they want this windowless monstrosity expropriated and turned into a public facility, perhaps as a university or a space for the arts. Crazy commies, where do they think they are–in Venezuela?

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2 Responses to How to tell you’re not welcome somewhere

  1. Fef says:

    This mall had all its permits issued by the Chavista administration of Caracas. Just to make the record straight. I wont engage in a pointless argument about the evils of McDonalds but this mall had its permits. They were revoked after it was 99% built.

  2. Actually, the mall’s permits were issued not by the city government of Caracas, but by a single corrupto using the PSUV for his own purposes:
    Which throws their “legitimacy” into more than a little doubt.
    Just because somebody said he was a Chavista, doesn’t mean anything. Actions speak louder. There was no public consultation, as there should have been. That makes this whole construction job illegitimate (as well as totally unnecessary and unwanted). He’s an infiltrator, and he should be revoked.
    And so should all the “permits”.

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