Murder mysteries in a Bolivian government building

Strange, macabre and tantalizing clues have been found in a secret chamber below a government ministry building in La Paz. Evo himself went down to see what’s been found there so far:

According to the experts with him, this room was probably used as a torture chamber as well as a place to conceal human remains from some of the many who disappeared during Bolivia’s dictatorship era of the late 1960s through the early 1980s.

Evo in particular called for help from the military in finding and identifying the remains of the great socialist writer and politician Marcelo Quiroga Santa Cruz, who is believed to have died on either July 17 or 18, 1980, and is still missing to this day. Could he be among the human remains found in this subterranean torture chamber, along with fragments of ceramic and scattered papers?

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