Rackafrackafrickafrack, Chapter 4

The frustration continues.

Yesterday I ordered a Time Capsule from Apple; I expect it will show up sometime tomorrow, probably around siesta time (knowing MY luck, which is invariably quirky). That’s not the source of my frustrations.

This, this is the source of my frustrations:

The day before yesterday, I e-mailed my best friend, who has been nothing but helpful in all the time I’ve been inheriting his old computers, to see what could be done about all the lost functions from my ailing baby. He was kind enough to burn three DVDs full of stuff for me. There’s just one problem: Two of them are on DVD+Rs. Which neither of my computers seems to recognize, though they’re technically supposed to (I checked my settings and found nothing to indicate they couldn’t). Meaning the contents are absolutely unreadable and uninstallable. I can tell they’re on a DVD, but my computers both can’t. They just make a few diffident, befuddled little noises from the drive before spitting them back out at me again.

I was hoping to be able to at least copy the DVD+R disks to DVD-Rs on the newer pute and then install their contents to the older one, but that’s impossible since it, like its big sister, doesn’t think a DVD+R is a data DVD. I’m gonna have to tell my dear buddy, who spent $10 to rush this stuff out to me, that two-thirds of it are inoperable. How frustrating–and how humiliating!

So now comes the next part, in which Bina lays her head on the desktop and cries. Won’t be pretty, kiddies. Look away, wouldja please?

UPDATE: Turns out the DVD+Rs were the double-layered kind–which many putes won’t read. Including, as luck would have it, both of mine. Sigh–back to Square One.

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2 Responses to Rackafrackafrickafrack, Chapter 4

  1. Polaris says:

    I am sorry to hear you have not yet been able to solve the computer problems, ‘Bina, but it does sound like there is still a slim chance for recovery.
    If there are any computer gods out there willing to listen to this miserable agnostic I hope they will send some healing vibes out your way.

  2. Thanks, amigo, I’m hoping so too. I found that the “Jerry Goes to His Lord” audio file I recorded for UNN on a lark was on there, and it was apparently one of the few things that got salvaged from the old hard drive.
    Installing a new OS and making sure both machines have the same software seems to be the best way to harmonize relations between these two putes, and the Time Capsule should provide lots of backup storage too in the event of just such another emergency. Not to mention better wireless networking (the old AirPort base station I’m currently working on obliges me to log in with password every single time I use it, rather than remembering me. Major PITA.)

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