So…Bolivia “needs” the DEA, eh?


After discovering a gigantic cocaine-refining laboratory, the Bolivian anti-drug police revealed that they have also broken up a powerful international criminal ring operating in the country.

“We are sure that we have disarticulated a truly powerful gang, considering the value of this laboratory. It’s easily worth more than a million dollars, and if we add to this the cost of the confiscated drugs, plus the airplane and various other supplies, it all adds up to two million dollars,” said the director of the Special Force Against Drug Trafficking, Oscar Nina.

The police chief stated that this organization was composed of Colombians and Bolivians, who operated the laboratory discovered in the region of Chiquitanía, in the eastern department of Santa Cruz.

Colonel Nina indicated that the police officers verified the installations of the factory, catalogued as the largest found in the last ten years, and quantified the qualities of the gigantic cocaine-refinement laboratory.

“We have determined that it is a highly sophisticated laboratory where they used state-of-the-art technology, for the fabrication of the drugs and for the recycling of the substances used for the refinement of cocaine paste,” Col. Nina said.

Translation mine.

How often did this happen when Bolivia “co-operated” with the gringos? All I heard back then was how they had to “intensify” the fight against coca-growing, and how it wasn’t working no matter how many times they ramped things up. Also, when Bolivia turfed the DEA out, there were moans about how it would be a disaster to the fight against drugs. Not to mention that that damn Injun, Evo, used to be a coca grower before he became president–and thus, Washington’s worst nightmare. Oh noes!

Now it turns out that coca growing is not the problem and neither are Teh Injunz, duh…cocaine refinement and smuggling are. And an even bigger duh is how Bolivia is succeeding better in the anti-cocaine fight when it’s no longer being “helped” by the DEA. Gee, why do you suppose that is?

Hillary Clinton has also finally admitted what most of us have known for years–that the demand side (you know–crackpipe, injection needle, powdery gringo nostrils?) is also a problem. Therefore, I think an award is due to her:


Wear that hat well, Hill.

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