Trash this spam if you get it


This kind of Spam is popular in Hawaii, where a certain recently inaugurated president was born…

On the other hand, this spam, sent to me by a friend who watches these things, is one you’d best throw out, lest it poison you:


  1. Open a new file in your computer.
  2. Name it ‘Barack Obama’.
  3. Send it to the Recycle Bin.
  4. Empty the Recycle Bin.
  5. Your PC will ask you: ‘Do you really want to get rid of ‘Barack Obama?’
  6. Firmly Click ‘Yes’
  7. Feel better?

GOOD! – Tomorrow we’ll do Nancy Pelosi !

Bonus question: How do you know this spammer is an idiot? Answer: He’s on a PC.

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2 Responses to Trash this spam if you get it

  1. Anthony says:

    Why do right-wingers hate democracy?
    I mean, they all seem to be in “favor” for “it” in Iraq and Afghanistan (read: opening a McDonald’s in Kabul), but Barack Obama? “Oh no, he should not be President! We must impeach him, or America will prosper! And we don’t want that to happen! We want America to fail!”
    Why do right-wingers hate America?

  2. Anthony, my humble guess is that now that they’ve sucked the teat dry, they’re bitter because there’s nothing left in it.
    “How dare you stop giving me milk! Dammit, I demand MILK!!! Gimme milk NOW, you fuckin’ commie!!!”

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