ZOMG communism!!!


Oh shit, that evil commie dictator went and nationalized Venezuela’s rice production! Oh shit oh shit oh shit…

Oh. Wait. What’d the UN just say about Venezuela again?

The representative of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in Venezuela, Francisco Arias Milla, said the Venezuelan government’s investment in domestic food production and regional food security will strengthen its ability and that of its neighbors to withstand the worsening global food crisis.

“The FAO recognizes the efforts of the national government [of Venezuela] to introduce policies, strategies, and programs to confront the global economic crisis and the volatility of food prices, and at the same time to protect the food and nutritional security of the Venezuelan people,” Arias told the Bolivarian News Agency (ABN) on Thursday.

Arias specified Venezuela’s national subsidized food market, Mercal, its growing system of public cafeterias, and the state-run Venezuelan Food Production and Distribution company (PDVAL), which sells food at regulated prices, as examples of policies which “permit greater access to food for the most vulnerable strata of society.”

Venezuela has implemented several policies that the FAO recommends, including the fomenting of local food production through the strengthening of social networks, Arias pointed out.

Arias also praised the increase of state investment in the agricultural sector, efforts to organize producers, the expansion of citizen access to arable land through land reform, and the promotion of family farms under the administration of President Hugo Chávez.

Hey, guys? You can add evil commie nationalization to that list.

And that’s not the worst of it. The whore media must be scared shitless of this part, because they never report it:

Venezuela has also reached out to other Latin American countries to prepare joint strategies to deal with the food crisis. The trade bloc called the Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas, which is based on principles of mutual benefit and includes Venezuela and six other countries, has created a joint food company with funds pooled in a joint food security fund.

Arias said these efforts have paid off for the countries involved. “We believe there is a group of countries, including Venezuela, that is better prepared to confront this crisis and whatever other crisis that may come,” he said. “This is due to the institutionalization of food security in the region,” he added.

According to Venezuela’s Agriculture and Land Ministry, agricultural production in Venezuela rose by 3% last year, bringing the total increase in agricultural production to 24% since Chávez took office a decade ago. Specifically, corn production has increased by 205%, rice by 94%, sugar by 13%, and milk by 11% over the last decade, reducing Venezuela’s dependency on food imports.

And here’s something else they neglected to report:

As of last Saturday, the Venezuelan government has temporarily taken over the administration of a rice processing plant in Guárico state that is owned by Venezuela’s largest food producer, Polar.

Inspections by the National Institute in Defense of People’s Access to Goods and Services (INDEPABIS) last week revealed that the plant was operating at half its capacity and adding artificial flavoring to 90% of its rice in order to evade government price controls, which only apply to essential, unenhanced food items.

In a press conference on the floor of the plant Monday afternoon, INDEPABIS Director Eduardo Samán announced that the workers had begun processing 100% unmodified rice at the plant, disproving the claims of Polar executives that state intervention would paralyze production.

The horror. The horror. The…

WHAT? The plant is producing rice, and at a decent price, since the government intervened on behalf of the consumers? And the measure is only temporary, pending negotiations? And if the plant is finally taken over for good, the owners will be compensated? FAIRLY?

Frack. Gimme a lampshade, and a big cup of whatever Fidel’s having. I’m gonna go join that communism par-tay.

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  1. ceti_alpha says:

    What? Rice with artificial flavo(u)r?
    That’s enough excuse for me.

  2. I know…UGH! I never buy the shit. Any smart cook knows that scratch not only saves $$$, it tastes WAY better!

  3. Utpal says:

    If you want some satire on flavored rice:

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