Bolivia terror plot: The UJC connection


Just a bunch of fine young Cruceñista boyz, out cruising for chicks in a majorly pimped ride. Think these punks got lucky?

Well, kiddies, we knew THIS was coming, did we not? Now ABI confirms it: the Santa Cruz chapter of the Hitlerjugend was also involved in the plot to try to kill Evo, Alvaro and several other leading Bolivian politicians.

On Tuesday, police apprehended an advisor to the ultra-right-wing Santa Cruz Youth Union (UJC), Juan Carlos Gueber Bruno, suspected of having ties to the foreign mercenary cell broken up last month in the City of Santa Cruz.

Gueber Bruno, also known as “Comandante Bruno” in UJC circles, was arrested near his home in Villa Cotoca on suspicions of having supplied weapons to the group led by Eduardo Rózsa Flores.


Gueber Bruno, 49, acted in 2008 as an activist of the Comité Pro Santa Cruz.

Translation mine.

Well, well. Not only does he have ties to the UJC, but to Branko Marinkovic’s band of not-so-young hooligans, too. This just keeps getting more and more interesting, no? It just keeps circling around and around Branko. Do you suppose this is who the “wealthy financier” of the group was, the one that was alluded to in the previous post?

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  1. otto says:

    I just spent time putting together a post about this and the previous post (same foto too) to publish tomorrow. Dangit..shudda looked here first and saved time!

  2. I scooped YOU? OMG, WTF, LOL.

  3. Boris says:

    Hello Sabina. here is the video of the terrorists recorded in a cellphone.
    Good blog, really a good one, I read your coments and translations, and as Bolivian I could say that they are quite accurate.
    two days ago I saw the video on the net about the video.

  4. Thanks, Boris, this is great. I’ll post it soon!

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