Bolivian oppos just as slimy and unscrupulous as their Venezuelan counterparts

Well, well, well…what have we here?

The vice-minister of the Interior and Police, Marcos Farfán, denounced former vice-president Víctor Hugo Cárdenas and his wife, Lidia Katari, for having provoked the people of Sank’a Jawira to occupy his rural residence last March.

“On March 7 the media show was planned by Víctor Hugo Cárdenas, and as well, his wife fed the story to Channel A, knowing there was a risk of occupation,” Farfán revealed. He explained that Cárdenas put his children’s lives at risk, knowing that there was an angry mob which had decided that the residence would be converted into a senior citizens’ home.

Despite the heated atmosphere in the community, Cárdenas brought his family to the house. The forces of public order were pushed over the edge by the mob which responded with violence to the provocation of the family, Farfán said.

“Using these events, the ex-vice president Víctor Hugo Cárdenas sought to raise his political profile, much more when he brought a case in Sucre against the Minister of Government, Alfredo Rada, for alleged non-fulfillment of duties,” said Farfán.

According to Vice-Minister Farfán, the charges pressed in Sucre are unjustified, because there was a case in El Alto against the alleged authors of the takeover of the house and the attacks on the wife and children of Cárdenas. There was also no “non-fulfillment of duties,” because a police contingent was called to the house in dispute.

Translation mine.

Figures that the Bolivian oppos are just as bad as their Venezuelan counterparts–maybe even worse, if this is true. It takes a special kind of bastard to deliberately put his wife and kids at risk of violence which he himself provokes.

I wonder if HRW is planning to scream about this. Somehow, I doubt they’ll even get the memo.

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