Bolivian terror cell update: illegal entry, and other fun stuff

According to ABI, one of the terrorists killed in last week’s raid at a Santa Cruz hotel entered the country illegally at the Puerto Suárez, on the border between Bolivia and Brazil. Who was it? Eduardo Rozsa Flores, of course. The whacked-up ex-journo, movie actor and dubious poet turned rabid Croat separatist already had so many strikes going against him that shit, what was one more?

No word yet on how the other four got in; stay tuned.

So where are all the wingnuts screaming about illegal immigration leading to terrorism? Is it suddenly okay when their fellow fascists do it? Or is it only a crime when some brownish person from Central America does it in order to find a job?

Meanwhile, via The Mex Files, I’ve found another interesting item pertaining to the three who were killed. Here’s a pic of the lone Irishman on the “team”, Michael Martin Dwyer:


Yup, the dude was heavily into war games. And yet his family and friends say they never knew, even though so many of the signs were there: guy lives for war games, and allows himself to be photographed in Bolivia, and even posts pix of himself and some other unsavory type in army clothes on Bebo? And his Facebook page lists Flores, of all people, as a friend? With “friends” like that, the guy didn’t need any enemies.

Now he’s dead, and his loved ones are left to wonder how they failed to pick up on all the scattered clues, and whether there was anything they could have said or done to dissuade him. The answer is probably no, they couldn’t. For one thing, would-be assassins don’t come right out and say “Hey Ma, I’m gonna go try to kill the president of Bolivia. It’s a thrill a minute and the money’s great. Hot chicks will dig me!” They might leave a strangely public trail of crumbs, as this one did, but that’s about it.

Besides, who’d look at all those clues and seriously suspect that their son, brother or childhood pal was a merc-in-the-making? We all want to think the best of those we love. Something like that can really blind one to the danger signs.

And then, too, the guy was determined to lead a life of crime and macho glamour, and it seems he wasn’t about to let little considerations like how his folks might feel if he were to die in “action” give him any sober second thoughts. He could have gone home and stuck to playing paintball and video games, but no, he wanted The Real Thing. He found out the hard way that those who live by the gun, die by it as well. I don’t know how long he lived to regret it, or even if he did.

I feel terribly sorry for the homefolks, because they didn’t deserve to lose him like this.

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7 Responses to Bolivian terror cell update: illegal entry, and other fun stuff

  1. chasqui says:

    well, what can I say, but that although I expected something better from the same person who scolded me for not showing regret at the passing of Alfonsin, I see that Sabina is simply spewing hate, concerned more about scoring ideological points rather than objectively reporting FACTS.
    My guess if that innocent til proven guilty only applies for those who you simpathize with? We can agree that the bolivia/hungarian dude was a nut missing a few screws. However there is absolutely no evidence that they were after Evo. The more likely scenario is that they wanted to fight his regime, but that is far different from an assasination attempt. What is really worrysome is that there is indications that these guys were executed and no gun fight occurred. Some are reporting that their hands were tied as they were shot point blank, but I won’t go that far since I was not there. But the pictures and video clearly do not support the govt version of a gunfight. And yes, there is still no evidence what so ever of an plot to kill Evo other than him, and he made that call even before we knew who had been killed.

  2. Coming in with guns a-blazing to “fight his regime” is NOT an assassination attempt? Bitch, please–Evo was elected, these guys were not. I would tell you to get your facts straight next time you try to post here, but you’re not getting another chance–your shit stinks too much to bother leaving up anymore. Especially since your IP address says Washington, DC–NOT Bolivia.
    In other words: You’ve earned a ban. Enjoy your stay in La Casa del Perro.

  3. Amancay says:

    Well, thanks for the article and picture. It is very interesting when you mention how legal entry to a country is overlooked when it means fascists entering to kill a president who they see is unfriendly to multinationals. One other thing that nobody have mentioned is that Michael’s job was providing security for Eduardo Rozsa. So, Michael supposed to protect the life of a Neonazi who wanted the independence of Santa Cruz, according to the declarations made in Budapest. The independence of Santa Cruz is the division of Bolivia, and we Bolivians have the duty to protect the integraty of the country with our lives. Nothing good could come out of such situation. Michael knew what he was getting into, we Bolivians did not know his real intentions, which was the desintegration of Bolivia.
    The other aspect about Michael’s employment is that he was employed up to the date of his trip to Bolivia by Shell, or the security company IRMS in Ireland. This company as far as I know offers International armed security. There were no investigation regarding this company and Michael’s contract, was he in Bolivia contracted by Shell, IRMS, or was he a self-employed security man?
    Shell is one of the oil companies affected by the nationalization of oil by the Morales administration.

  4. Hello, and welcome!
    Presumably Mike Dwyer was there to “provide security”, although the question remains as to why a mercenary, who was a former soldier and well able to wield his own guns, would need someone else to do that for him. I think Dwyer was actually brought in to serve as an additional sniper, and that the “bodyguard” story was just a cover. He also posed for pictures with sniper rifles. It wouldn’t surprise me if he were going to serve as one of at least half a dozen such guys, stationed at an event where Evo was to speak. It increases the likelihood of a kill. And since it’s not just Evo, but his vice-president and the entire parliament, as well as several prominent opposition politicians at risk, it may be that they needed extra guys to try to kill them as well. I’m sure that there are more guys out there like him who simply haven’t been brought to light yet.
    The other thing that makes me wonder just how much of a security man he really was, is the fact that when he worked as a contractor for Shell in Ireland, he was doing it without a proper certificate. All security guards there are supposed to be certified, but he wasn’t. He was allegedly trying to get his certificate at some point, but somehow they hired him without one, and when his contract ended, he still didn’t have it. But that was apparently fine by I-RMS; they had no problem hiring him, and neither did Shell make any noises about it.
    I’ve also found interesting evidence that Shell has a habit of hiring neo-fascists, Irish and Hungarian among them, for “security”. There was at least one Hungarian working at the same Irish installation of Shell with Dwyer, and they had ties to the far-right Szekler Legion, which was actively recruiting fascists in Ireland (complete with “regimental” crests in Gaelic). I would say that the Shell connection is no mere coincidence, especially since Bolivia has oil and gas and the multinationals have been itching to get their hands on it, and Evo has pretty much yanked it out from under them. They probably see these fascists the same way multinationals in the 1930s saw Hitler and Mussolini–as goons for hire to keep workers under control. Or in this case, to dispose of anti-Shell demonstrators and incorruptible foreign leaders.
    I’m also wondering if we’ll be seeing British mercenaries trying something similar. Evo just nationalized the local BP subsidiary, and their stock took a nosedive today as well. I predict that there will be another cell broken up before long, and some very English names will figure among the accused and/or dead. It would be worth looking into to see who BP hires to provide their security and where, in turn, they hire THEIR personnel from. Perhaps you might know, since you seem to be located in London?

  5. nervioso says:

    how many idiots, Rozsa Flores as Neo Nazi and Fascist?:D He was partly jew, as his father was a jew as I know.. And what kind of “far right szekler legion”?? Do you have any idea what the szekler legion is? Szeklerland is situated in Transylvania in the present thief Romania, before 1920. that region was part of Hungary and Szeklerland always had Hungarian/Szekler majority, and still about 800 000 szeklers live there, the szekler legion just wants autonomy for Szeklerland which was never Romanian land, wallachs just stole it like they stole whole Transylvania.. If you don’t know something then don’t talk about it or your sentences will remain only empty demagogy without any background information.
    Btw back to that sentence that “Evo was elected, these guys were not”, yeah, that’s true, BUT Bolivia is deviced to 2 big parts, in the west part mainly poor indians live and in the east part mainly richer white people live, about 35% of Bolivia’s population live in the east part and as Evo is an indian of course he wants to serve the interests of his fellow indians so that he has declared such socialist reforms which take much more money from the people who live in the east part of Bolivia, only 35% of the bolivian population live there but they provide the 75% of the bolivia GDP, these guys only wanted economic autonomy for the east part, because Evo’s policy is that if his fellow indians are poor then let the whole country be poor. This is not racism or fascism, but socialism + uneducated indians (“He attended Beltrán Ávila High School but was not able to finish school”) is a very dangerous combination, I think taking as much money as they can from the richer region instead of improving the education system and providing more workplaces in the poorer regions is a fking idiot thing. Otherway I think they could have arrested Eduardo and the others alive if they had wanted, but this is latin America..

  6. nervioso says:

    oh, and one more thing, just because he liked to play war games he should have been supposed to have a tendency to terrorism??:D Fking much people like to play war games, about 90% of the boys:D pff..

  7. Oh look, another short-dicked, fucked-up fascist apologist coming to set me “straight” about things I actually understand and he doesn’t. Since when do “boys” play with REAL sniper rifles? Epic fail.

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