DeviantArt not so deviant after all

You’d think, with a name like DeviantArt, a website would commit itself to uncensored free expression, right?


Take the case of Ben Heine, a Belgian artist. Recently he decided to express what he thought of the Pope’s anti-condom stance. Here’s what he said:


And here’s what DeviantArt did to his free speech:


They also banned him permanently. For apparently living up to the site’s name all too well.

Apparently, no one is allowed to deviate from the orthodox stance of a celibate old man in a skirt who presumes to tell young people what to do with their sex lives (i.e., not have any until marriage, and then only to procreate without restriction). This is what they call being “pro-life”: People are dying of AIDS, and the Vatican’s response is to play the ostrich and stick to the same old same old. Even if it costs lives, Jesus must never be portrayed in a condom. He isn’t supposed to even have a penis.

So what’s the message here? Abortion is a sin and so is birth control, but AIDS is okay, I guess. There’s God’s love for you, with a vengeance.

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