Gun nuts: You are hereby cordially invited…

…to suck it:


“It” being the business end of the barrel of your favorite toy, of course.

And if you’re planning any violence this week as part of your “assertion of rights“, please inflict it on yourselves first, and save the cops the bother. They don’t like being party to your suicides. Gives ’em PTSD and puts ’em right off their doughnuts.

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2 Responses to Gun nuts: You are hereby cordially invited…

  1. Polaris says:

    Some of the recent gun rampages in the USA have taken place in areas where concealed carry is allowed. Concealed carry supporters ( An armed society is a polite society ) claim it reduces crime when a criminal knows that one or two people out of a hundred may be carrying in a given area. These rampaging shooters probably knew they were firing in concealed carry zones but it did not keep them from firing and some of them wore body armor.
    Memphis, St Louis, New Orleans and Miami are just a few cities in the USA that allow concealed carry but where the violent crime rates are as high or higher than the violent crime rates in many cities that do not allow concealed carry.
    Concealed carry is supposed to intimidate criminals enough to keep crime rates low. In some situations it might prevent crime. If you are approached by a thug while you are fixing a flat tire in a lonley place a gun might persuade him to go away. Maybe in some high crime areas where concealed carry is currently allowed the crime rate would go even higher if concealed carry were no longer permitted, but it has often failed to keep crime rates as low as its supporters claim it can.

  2. I’m not surprised that concealed-carry doesn’t live up to its hype. In Canada we know that already, which is why no one but undercover cops are legally permitted to pack a hidden pistol.
    I’ll bet, too, that a lot of gun crimes actually happen with legally purchased firearms, and the perp may well be licenced to carry a concealed weapon. Plus, there’s no guarantee that being a legal gun owner means someone will remain a lawful gun owner. There’s a joke up here that goes like this:
    Q. What are the magic words that turn a law-abiding gun owner into a homicidal maniac?
    A. “I want a divorce!”
    They’re not such a joke now, especially when you consider that maniac who killed his five kids when he found out his wife was leaving him.

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