Hill-arious pix from the Americas Summit

Well, guess what…His Barackness and Her Royal Clintoness of the State Dept. finally got to meet the man everyone keeps calling their nemesis, in spite of all evidence to the contrary (or a lack of evidence to confirm, same diff.) And, in spite of all the media blahblahblah (and the offshoot dorky misinterpretations by inadvertently funny “moderate” bloggers), things went rather well. By “rather well”, I mean they went both ways, for once. Diplomatic relations are about to be restored, as Obama vows to show some respect to LatAm for a change. The capable Roy Chaderton looks all set to be Venezuela’s next ambassador to the US, after his OAS stint; relations with Bolivia could also soon return to normal if Obama makes good on his pledge to co-operate rather than dictate (and fergawdsakes, Barack, the best way start showing you mean business is to get rid of your Bolivia advisors, who all have Goni-rhea, and replace them with people who don’t ooze neoliberal pus).

Okay. So much for all that serious shit. Now, let’s lighten up. What do you suppose was being said here? My educated guesses below…


“Listen, man, I want to apologize for what you went through under my predecessor. He’s the idiot son of an asshole, and I just want you to know I’m nothing like him.”

Chavecito’s face says it all: Oh man, that is SO good to hear.

Meanwhile, State Dept. sez:


“What? You mean you’re NOT an evildoing sponsor of Hamas, Hezbollah, al-Qaida, and all those others? You really ARE just the president of Venezuela? OhmyGAWD!!!”

So, gentle readers…what do YOU think was being said?

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2 Responses to Hill-arious pix from the Americas Summit

  1. Tony says:

    LOL – I thought of you immediately when I saw this!! The first one is kinda hard, probably something like, “You come down i will take you fishing” 0r “How bout those Nicks?” Hillary’s is much easier – clearly she is saying “Ok Chavi – try to behave now.” rofl
    Miss you!!!

  2. ceti_alpha says:

    Unfortunately, Hillary always has that hectoring holier than thou look on her face, to disguise a basic corrupt political core. Bill realized this early on — get angry to avoid real questions about shady business dealings.

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