More on the Bolivian would-be assassins, or Sic Semper Terroristis

Yesterday’s big news was the story of a clandestine terror cell operating in Bolivia, that’s been suspected by police of links to several recent incidents, including a bombing of a cardinal’s residence (which he was fortunately not in at the time, as he was in hospital recuperating from heart surgery). Today we find out a bit more about two of the five men who were killed and captured in a dramatic firefight at a Santa Cruz hotel:

The Croation minister of the Exterior confirmed on Friday that Eduardo Rózsa Flores and Mario Tadic, believed to be members of a terrorist cell that planned an assassination of the president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, had Croatian citizenship.

“We can confirm that this case concerns persons registered as citizens of Croatia,” said a ministerial spokesperson, who added that nothing was known about their supposed activities in Bolivia.

Bolivian authorities confirmed that Rózsa Flores, whom the Croatian press nicknamed “Chico”, died in a confrontation with Bolivian security forces, while Tadic was detained as one of the accomplices.

Croatian deputy Branimir Glavas said that he remembered Rózsa Flores very well. “Eduardo ‘Chico’ was a journalist and enlisted voluntarily in the Croatian army. He was a good fighter, although nothing about his past was very clear. For us, he was always an enigma,” Glavas said.

According to the publication “24 Hours”, “Chico” came to eastern Croatia as a journalist, but then quickly became a volunteer soldier. He was wounded in combat on three occasions and received Croatian citizenship and the rank of colonel in the Croatian army.

Translation mine.

Meanwhile, here’s a report from the Budapest Times that shows just how schizophrenic some people are when confronted with terrorist villainy among their own:

Zoltan Brady, editor-in-chief of Hungarian literary magazine Kapu, which had employed Rozsa Flores and published several of his books, said he was convinced that the group had not been involved in a plot of any kind. Brady said he had talked to Rozsa Flores two days ago, adding that his colleague had gone to Bolivia in May 2008 “to fight against its communist government” and for the independence of the province of Santa Cruz. “Eduardo lived in the jungle and was involved in regular fights… he was a soldier, a partisan, fighting together with thousands of others in the jungle,” Brady said. He also added that he thought that Rozsa Flores and the others had been executed rather than killed in a fire fight.

“Not involved in a plot of any kind”, but somehow he went to Bolivia “to fight against its communist government”? Sorry, people, but what he got involved in IS a terror plot, because Bolivia doesn’t have a communist government–it has popular, freely elected socialists who are working hard to free it of the tyranny of the old oligarchy. Who, I suspect, are the ones behind all this. Let’s face it, this self-styled “conservative, anarchist world revolutionary” (and very self-contradictory!) hero is a terrorist. A conservative cannot be an anarchist, much less a revolutionary. I’ve met real anarchists, and this one bears no resemblance to any decent one. This one was nothing but a fucked-up fascist, one who used his military training and experience to become a terrorist much like Tim McVeigh.

His blog (brought to my attention by commenter Mihály Kovács) is covered in racist Cruceñista logos and a veritable goulash of other weird and contradictory crap. Its header shows poor grasp of Latin (as well as facts). It’s supposed to be Sic Semper Tyrannis, dative plural, not “Tyrannus”, which is singular nominative (and a major no-no if you’re trying to say “Thus ever unto tyrants” in Latin). If it were up to me, I’d say he should be shot for bad grammar alone. As it is, he got a dose of sic semper terroristis, and it serves him bloody well right.

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13 Responses to More on the Bolivian would-be assassins, or Sic Semper Terroristis

  1. Utpal says:

    I like the “FBI: Firm Believer in Islam” 🙂

  2. Yeah, that was about the cleverest thing I saw there. I have no idea what the Hungarian bits said, I don’t know the language. My late grandfather did, but probably only enough to get by in a store or restaurant. I’m guessing it was some kind of ghastly right-wing spew.
    This guy used to be a writer and a journalist. Christ, why couldn’t he have stuck to that? He might have been an obnoxious, egotistical liar or just a general dink (many journos are!), but at least he wouldn’t have become a murderer. Because I’ve a hunch that that’s what he joined the army for–to learn how to indulge a taste for death.

  3. Bolivian says:

    I’m sorry, but you are posting about something you don’t know much about. It may well be that Rozsa went back to his city of birth to fight against the current government, but in the eyes of the people of Santa Cruz, he would be in the right.
    The current government is not all flowers and rainbows as you would like to think. The idea behind the current president trying to free the country of the “tyranny of the old oligarchy” is noble, but the reality is different. Evo Morales is trying to impose his own socialist agenda on the entire country by suppressing the opposition, manipulating the electoral process and with secretive dealings with other far-left governments such as Hugo Chavez. How is this any different form the tyranny you say he is fighting against? The truth is that Evo is a puppet. He is originally a coca leaf farmer. While he might believe his pursuit is nobel, he has the educational level of a 1st grader and this makes him oh so easy to manipulate.
    That said, there is a great part of Bolivia that will not bend to the whim of those who now control the government and are slowly ripping the country in two.
    I am not supporting rozsas because the truth is we don’t know what he was there to do. But I think you should read up a bit more on what Evo morales has done to the country since taking power before you start kissing his ass.

  4. I’m not a bit sorry to tell you this: YOU are the one who doesn’t know what the fuck you’re talking about. Terrorists are NEVER in the right, and neither are those who contract them. And neither are their apologists, and you are one of those.
    And you can cram that racist “Evo is a puppet” crap back up your ass. I’ve heard him speak, and I find him to be solid on the facts. I also know he’s his own man, unlike those dumbass mercenaries. I know damn well that he doesn’t have a fancy education (I also know that he went to high school, not just first grade, you liar), but he does have a brain, and he’s learned much from hard experience. Which is more than I can say for any of those camba nutters who keep trying to stage violence in order to destabilize the country. They DESERVE to fail. They have nothing to offer the people, and you can’t deny that. They have no platform, and that’s why they’re losing the elections–FAIR AND SQUARE. Nobody’s being repressed. Your right-wing media is still publishing all its horseshit uncensored and you’re still reading it and parroting it back to me, so shut the fuck up.
    And don’t feel compelled to set me crooked again, because I’m already straight. And I intend to stay that way.

  5. ceti_alpha says:

    Wow Bina, you went all Life of Brian on us with the Latin lesson!

  6. LOL–can you tell I aced university Latin?
    Next up: a lesson in democratic socialism, Bolivian-style. Closed captioned for the hard of thinking…

  7. Utpal says:

    Bina, if I weren’t gay, I’d ask you to marry me! Hehe, that response was cool 🙂
    Romanus eunt domus and Romani ite domum!
    Cambanenses ite domum!

  8. Awwww…that’s the nicest thing anyone’s said to me all day. LOL!

  9. Ifi says:

    >This guy used to be a writer and a journalist. Christ, why couldn’t he have stuck to that?
    Here’s a hint why:

  10. Crikey, this line pretty much explains it all:
    Más vale perder hoy una batalla, que llorar eternamente por el combate nunca iniciado
    Who “cries eternally for the combat never initiated”? That’s just fucked up.

  11. VP Cosmicum says:

    Tear ’em a new one, Bina. You, BoRev and Otto continue to rock my world.

  12. chasqui says:

    I agree that you have the least of clues when it comes to Bolivia. Spewing insults and smart remarks does not give you authority.

  13. Welcome to Bansville, “chasqui”–enjoy your stay. It’s gonna be a long one.

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