Oh, that Evo…so paranoid all the time!


Does he never stop talking about terror plots the imperialists are hatching against him? Sheesh…

The president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, who is currently on an out-of-country trip, publicly denounced on Sunday the presence of paramilitary cells who are organizing in the state of Santa Cruz, with the objective of destabilizing the government.

This denunciation coincides with an operation conducted on Thursday by Bolivian police, in which three suspected terrorists were killed and an apparent terror cell disrupted.

“We’re not asleep at the switch, we know that they’re organizing. Now, in Santa Cruz, they’re inventing a new pretext for not having national elections. They always want to weaken the government. But their plan to ‘exhaust the Indian’ failed. What else are the imperial tools in Bolivia preparing, along with the empire outside the country?” Morales asked during a televised interview.


On Sunday, Morales also said that if anything were to happen to his vice-president, Alvaro García Linera, or to any of his ministers, it would be the doing of the “fascist right wing which is organizing”.

On Thursday, the commander of the National Police, Víctor Hugo Escóbar, informed that the dismantled terrorist group “aimed to make an attempt on the life of certain persons in the cities of Santa Cruz and La Paz.”

“By way of characteristics, modus operandi, and the quantity of explosives found, we may speak of a terrorist group,” Escóbar said.

Translation mine.

Only, as per usual, Evo isn’t just talking paranoid woo-woo…he’s for real, and so’s this guy:


That’s Chief Escóbar. Here’s more about the plot he uncovered…

Bolivian police revealed that in the early morning hours on Thursday, they killed three suspected terrorists, two of them Hungarian nationals and one Bolivian. The suspects are linked to various assassination attempts with explosives in the city of Santa Cruz, among them the explosion at the home of Cardinal Julio Terrazas last Wednesday morning.
Police commander Víctor Hugo Escóbar, in a press conference, explained that the suspects “used firearms” and that police responded in kind.

“We regret the deaths of three persons, who have been transferred to the morgue, along with two detainees who were transferred to La Paz in order to continue the investigation,” remarked the police chief.

Without giving any close details of the operation and the identities of the dead, Escóbar said that “they are specialists and trained for such ends”, and that in the confrontation, “the terrorists launched a bomb” in their efforts to escape.

“We presume that according to the characteristics and the modus operandi we observed developing in the different crimes, that not only the assault on the house of the cardinal but others. The explosive chemicals used lead us to believe that it was the same persons, but we will await a technical report from our specialists,” said the chief.

Translation mine.

Paranoid? Shyeah. So paranoid is Evo that they really ARE out to destabilize the country. Just leaped fully formed from his head, they did…

UPDATE #1: The dead and arrested have now been named. Dead are Magyarosi Arpád, a Romanian; Michael Dwyer (spelled in the report on ABI as Duayer Michel Martin), of Ireland; and Jorge Hurtado Flores, a Bolivian. Captured are Mario Tadik, a Bolivian, and Elöd Toaso, a Hungarian.

UPDATE #2: Rubén Costas, oppo douchebag, thinks it’s all just a media show cooked up by the government. Of course, it happened in HIS city, on HIS watch; he’s the prefect of Santa Cruz! Strange, too, how the timing is so convenient — Bolivia’s government just passed a new electoral law so that elections can take place in December. That’s why Evo spent four and a half days on hunger strike–the oppos were holding the bill up in parliament. They talk a lot about autonomy, but they can’t find their asses with both hands and a flashlight, much less mount a convincing campaign against Evo. The best they can do is recycle neoliberal dogma, which Bolivians have already rejected, and violently, numerous times. Guess who stands to lose big-time in December’s elections, and why…

UPDATE #3: Vice-minister Saúl Ávalos has demanded that the right-wing Comité Pro Santa Cruz be investigated for possible links to the terrorists. That’s Branko Marinkovic’s outfit. Figures that he’s never far removed from anything that goes bang, boom or, in this case, bust…

UPDATE #4: Vice-minister of the Interior, Marcos Farfán, reports that the same terrorist group tried to plant a bomb on the military ship that carried Evo, Alvaro and their floating parliament on Lake Titicaca a couple of weeks ago. They also tried to sabotage a ceremony in which Evo handed over land titles to Guaraní natives in Alto Parapetí. You may recall from reading El Duderino that the Guaraní are among the most grievously wronged people in Eastern Bolivia–many have been outright enslaved by large land-owners. This title handover is their ticket to freedom, and the attempted sabotage thereof tells you all you need to know about who the terrorists were working for.

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  1. Mihály Kovács says:

    U’re talking about these guys:
    Magyarosi Árpád (magyarosiarpad.hu, http://hu-hu.facebook.com/people/Magyarosi-Arpad/630434315) a musician by the way… wtf????
    Eduardó Rózsa Flores (http://eduardorozsaflores.blogspot.com/)
    bolivian-hungarian-croatian citizen, fought in the war in yugoslavia in the 90s, theres a movie about him (Chico)

  2. WTF indeed. The Facebook page is down–taken down in the event of death?
    The Blogspot page is still up. Nacion Camba, ugh…tells me all I need to know, even if I don’t know Hungarian. My late grandfather, who was from Vojvodina, did, but I never learned it.
    Thanks for the info, even if I can’t read most of it…

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