Q. How can you tell a certain Venezuelan ex-general is lying?

A. His lips are moving:

Venezuelan ex-defence minister Raúl Baduel, ex-general, ex-constitutionalist, ex-Bolivarian and ex-friend of Chavecito, concocts a pile of bovine feces for CNN’s Spanish channel. He claims that when he was arrested (on corruption and contempt-of-court charges, not for political reasons), military intelligence officers pointed their guns at his wife (why her, if it was him they were after?); that Chavecito was behind it; and that there needs to be another assembly to rewrite all that evil Bolivarianism out of Venezuela’s constitution–in order to salvage democracy. His son made this video. Why? So that the small knot of his supporters down there, and the vast sea of “pro-democracy” rubes stretching from Miami all the way up to here, won’t be confused by any pesky facts.

All of which leads me to another Q ‘n’ A:

Q: How can you tell CNN is trying to sell you a pile of bovine feces?

A: It’s live and on air.

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2 Responses to Q. How can you tell a certain Venezuelan ex-general is lying?

  1. Utpal says:

    Actually Baduel was trying to sell lots of bovine things, not just feces.

  2. LOL, that’s true. How many head of cattle did he own again?

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