Quotable: Steve Benen on Karl Rove

“You see, in Rove World, the way to avoid becoming a banana republic is to have a chief executive who ignores the rule of law. Then, the chief executive is replaced, and his/her successor must ensure there are no consequences for those who ignored the rule of law in the recent past. No matter how serious alleged crimes, no matter how compelling the evidence, no matter the consequences, if a president believes those who came before him/her broke the law, he/she must not prosecute, or even investigate. If he/she disagrees, the president would be acting like a Latin American colonel in mirrored sunglasses.”

–Steve Benen, in the Washington Monthly

‘Bina notes: Latin American colonels in mirrored sunglasses were all put there by Karl Rove’s predecessors, most notably Henry Kissinger. And of course, they got immunity for their crimes, too. Guess how.

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