Rackafrackafrickafrack, Chapter 5: Hallefreakinlujah!

So my Time Capsule FINALLY arrived today. Turns out it wasn’t shipped from within Canada, or even within North America, but from Shanghai, China. No wonder it took a week to get to me. So much for the “made in California” bit, eh?

Well, one thing hasn’t changed, and that’s the fact that this device, like all the others, is nutball easy to get up and running. Stick a CD in my Powerbook, plug the thing in to the power supply and plug the Ethernet cable from my hi-speed modem to it, and then get the Network Diagnostics set-up assistant to walk me through it all until finally, the light on the Time Capsule went from flashing amber (indicating something amiss) to solid green (indicating Hallefreakinlujah!)

Plus, one whole terabyte of data storage and backup. No Cloud Beings needed. Suck on that, Bill Gates.

Now, to get writing on that novel again, and back it up to the Time Capsule too. With luck, this draft won’t suck like the first one did (although damn, that sucky three-quarters of a first draft had its moments, I must admit.)

And now, even if this computer were to die tomorrow (although it better hadn’t DARE!), I won’t be quite as lost at sea. Enraged at having to shell out for more repairs, maybe–but data loss won’t be so dire.

Dare we hope that with this chapter written, the frickafrack endeth? Let us pray.

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