Summit coverage gets Teh Stoopid


Oh, let’s face it…there ain’t NO army of darkness cuter than the Itteh Bitteh Black Kitteh Committeh.

D’you suppose Basement Cat let loose her evil minions at the recent OAS summit? The media probably think so. Or at the very least, they think it’s gonna be all Chavecito, all the time (TIME certainly seems to, when not busy STILL promoting the tired old “good left/bad left” dichotomy of BushCo), or all Cuba all the time (various snooze media).

Yep, they’ve all got Teh Stoopid, and they’re giving us the complete idiot’s version, banking that we won’t know the difference between that and actual, insightful coverage. So what’s new? This is why the mainstream media are dying, kiddies–they can’t cover anything half decently. They cut out in-depth feature reporting a long time ago, and stuck all the money into fancy real estate instead. To make up for the lack of reporting, they’ve substituted a toxic blend of gossip and crapaganda, and reaped a harvest of dummies. (I hope Obama’s next big move will be to get the CIA out of the news business. They’ve been in there for way too long already.)

Someone please wake me up when one of them has anything to say that shows they’ve finally quit spinning, and seriously get what’s going on. Like, say, Ben Dangl does.

And in the meantime, enjoy some pics that are sure to make a lot of right-wing media heads explode from the sheer effort of trying to figure out what was really going on.

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