The video the Cruceñistas don’t want you to see

Thanks to commenter Boris, from Bolivia (yes, I checked–his IP is definitely from there!), I’ve been alerted to this video:

It was posted to YouTube two days ago. It’s got news footage of Evo’s floating parliament on Lake Titicaca, intercut with the grainy, choppy video from the terrorists’ cellphone camera. The perps are clearly identified on the video, and it’s subtitled (in Spanish only) to indicate what they were saying. It’s quite clear that they were hoping to blow up the vessel on which the parliament was held, by swimming underneath it in “frogman” (scuba) gear and planting plastic explosives on its bottom. Eduardo Rózsa Flores, the Bolivian-Hungarian veteran of Croatia’s separatist war, appears to be the ringleader, or at least the guy with the biggest mouth, because he seems to be doing most of the talking. Mike Dwyer was definitely present at the planning meeting (he’s identified in the clip), so one can’t say that he had no idea what was going on. And neither can one say it about the other guys, including Elöd Tóasó, whom the Hungarian ambassador seems to have mistaken for an innocent adventurer in over his head. Sorry, guys, they all knew what they were doing, and the proof is in the pictures.

Thanks again to Boris for letting me know about this–it’s highly incriminating, wouldn’t you say?

UPDATE: Bolivian police have released the names of two people who were, apparently, bagmen for the financiers of the terror cell. Their names are Hugo Achá and Alejandro Melgar, alias “Superman” and “El Lucas”, respectively.

UPDATE #2: El Gaviero notes that “El Lucas” may refer to Luke Skywalker, from the Star Wars franchise. I think this one should have called himself “Darth” instead, and maybe “Superman” should change his moniker to “Lex Luthor” while they’re at it. In any case, though, the excellent Bolivian federales are their kryptonite!

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6 Responses to The video the Cruceñistas don’t want you to see

  1. el gav says:

    OK, I know it’s a nazi website, but shows links between the Balkan conflict and Irish mercs–a tad relevant, I think, when discussing Dwyer and how he ended up with Flores.
    (Never thought I’d cite a Stormfront, I tell you!)

  2. Ewwww, that was icky. But it explains a lot.
    And it definitely confirms the fascist nature of these punks!

  3. Boris Molina says:

    Hello Sabina,
    I just wanted to bring you some data.
    Yesterday on my way to work, I heard on the radio to Padre Eduardo Perez Iribarne, a well known journalist from Radio Fides, in my country, asking the owner of the hotel where the terrorists were killed, (since he was the first to see the dead bodies) if he had seen a gun next to the bodies, to wich he answered that he had seen some kind of revolver or gun liying next to the dead’s hand. Unfortunately there is no way you could confirm this information, since the private media in my country doesn’t want to highlight this kind of information as they would want everyone thinking that they were killed defensless.
    And finally I wanted to coment about the knickname “lucas” I don’t think it was refering to the character from the movie. You see. “lucas” is a slangword used in may country to refer to money. So, since he was “el lucas” probably he was the money man, money provider or somenthing like that. Greetings.

  4. Boris, thanks for that. Looks like “El Lucas” means “The Bagman”, then–which would make perfect sense, since the two recently arrested were said to have supplied money as well as weapons to the members of the cell.
    And it will be interesting to see what the police officers say in court when this all goes to trial. My guess is that they will confirm that there was a firefight, that the terrorists were armed and that they shot at the police. So far, there are lots of pictures of the guys posing with their guns, and it looks like they had more than one apiece. They also slept with the guns beside them, if the picture I have of Rózsa Flores is any indicator–meaning they were prepared for a firefight. Right now a lot of people seem to still think that they were simply shot in cold blood, unarmed, execution-style–and I doubt very much that that is the case!
    Again, thanks for coming by. You’re welcome anytime!

  5. Erin says:

    Now that everything was discovered as a big smear case staged by Morales administration, now that the cold blood murder of three europeans (No evidence no proper investigation, witness rape and torture) is crystal clear, would you at least apologize? I mean u can be Morales supporters but denying the blatant and sickening facts is just beyond comprehension..

  6. What “facts” are you talking about? And what “denying”? I DEAL in facts here, girlie. Obviously, you don’t.
    FYI, assuming that you can read: All the murders and abuses are coming from the opposition. THEY are the ones doing the staging, and worst of all, they’re killing their own FOR PROPAGANDA PURPOSES! They’re even on record as saying that there have to be white people’s deaths in order to whip up hate and get a civil war going, so that Bolivia can be split up between the rich lowland landowners and whoever’s left on the Altiplano when the rich Nazi-Cruceñista bullyboys and their hired European mercenaries get done with them. If you don’t believe me, learn Spanish and WATCH THE VIDEO. I posted it so that fascist-apologist fools like you would take a hint.

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