When even the Bolivian opposition says it…

…you know it’s serious. From ABI, a bombshell:

Opposition deputy Alejandro Colanzi, of the National Unity party, denounced on Wednesday the existence of a “blacklist” of 100 names of political, civic and opinion leaders who were in the crosshairs of terrorists under the heading of “Traitors and Sentenced Enemies”.

Colanzi said that the list made the rounds of the Internet on April 12, three days after the attack on the home of Cardinal Julio Terrazas.

“The mailing indicated who was to be identified and treated as an example of the ‘enemies and traitors’ who participated or collaborated with a government that tried to dismember a people who until now have been tolerant,” Colanzi said.

The legislator showed the press a text message that was sent to various political representatives, days before the operation in which Bolivian police broke up a terrorist cell operating in the city of Santa Cruz.

“You can see the death threat made against the President and Vice-President, which says, ‘Tell your chiefs Alvaro and Evo that they’re going to be eliminated’. This landed on the cellphones of certain persons in Santa Cruz,” Colanzi said.

The deputy demanded of the president of the Comité Cívico Pro Santa Cruz, Luis Núñez, that he denounce those who participated in meetings in which it was decided which houses would be burned.

“The ‘civico’ president must denounce those who have taken part in criminal activities and must tell us that he has not participated,” Colanzi insisted.

Translation mine.

I sadly fear that Mr. Colanzi is going to be disappointed on two counts. I doubt very much that anyone from the right-wing Comité is going to denounce any of his allies or cronies–if not because he himself is just such a criminal, then certainly because he fears those who are.

If anyone has access to the e-mailing that he’s referring to, BTW, I’d love to see and, if necessary, translate it. Drop a link and/or cut ‘n’ paste in the comments below.

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