Why the CIA needs to die a quick and painful death

Michael Hayden, BushCo’s man, makes the case for his own and every other torturer’s demise:

Gawd, what an ass. I don’t know where to even begin ripping him a new one; any old place will do, I guess!

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3 Responses to Why the CIA needs to die a quick and painful death

  1. Ben Gruagach says:

    If the torture methods they used were so effective, why would they have to use them so often in order to get info? (The link goes to an article that reports they waterboarded at least one prisoner at least 183 times!)

  2. Snarla says:

    I remember when he reassured us that only two-three guys had been tortured. He forgot to mention they were tortured hundreds of times.

  3. No kidding. And by waterboarding yet! After reading Christopher Hitchens’ piece in Vanity Fair on what it’s like to be waterboarded, I find it hard to believe that anyone could have survived that many episodes of American Water Torture. They would have required medical attention! Meaning, any medical personnel present to revive the victim were complicit in the torture.

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