Ye Gods!

Quick, somebody, pinch me. Pinch me hard. I’m still rubbing my eyes and trying to determine if what I’m seeing is really true:


“The Castro government has kept the broad support of its people by responding to economic shocks and providing universal access to health care and education. There will be no counter-revolution anytime soon.”

Holy. Fucking. SHIT!!!

Cuba is about to be let in from the cold. In our lifetime, kiddies.

That does it, I’m going and getting drunk. See you on the other side of Hangover City. (hic)

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One Response to Ye Gods!

  1. Polaris says:

    It will be great if Obama brings about a more realistic relationship with Cuba.
    I wish I had a Cuban car mechanic in my neighborhood when my vehicle needs fixing. They are geniuses. Because of the embargo they’ve found ways to keep 60 year old cars running reasonably well.

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