A blast from Bolivia’s past

This video was made exactly one year ago today. It shows the true nature of the “Nación Camba”, the fascist organization that seeks “autonomy” for the so-called “Media Luna”, the “half moon” of Bolivian provinces ruled by the opposition.

Notice something in there? Something Hitleresque about the salutes? Something Nazified about the “patriotic” songs? Perhaps the fact that the victims of their violence are all indigenous? And how about the bellowing halfwit on the Camba podium, saying that their fascist gendarmerie (an illegal militia, whom you can tell by their green-and-white shields) are the “only moral force” in the country?

There’s a reason I’m posting this. This “nation” didn’t even exist until after an indigenous man became president of Bolivia…and decided it was time the indigenous peoples got autonomy from the racist rule of these guys, as well as more seats in parliament and more say in the running of their lives. That’s when the wealthy whites tried to hit him back with an “autonomy” bid of their own, and ended up climbing on board the failboat. They’ve been sinking steadily in their own toxic effluvium ever since, and their not-so-secret sponsorship of the terrorist cell that was recently broken up by the federales may just be the thing that brings them down for good.

But even if it doesn’t, there is one indigenous group that has a history of being feisty, fractious, and unwilling to put up with that shit, as this Al-Jazeera report shows:

The Red Ponchos are a mostly peaceful bunch, but if Branko & Co. have any brains in their cracked skulls, they will NOT fuck with them. These guys may forgive–if you’re lucky–but they do not forget.

UPDATE: Red Bolivia reports that the UN has “expressed concern” at the attempt of the mercenary/terrorist cell to overthrow the elected government of a member state. Key paragraphs:

The UN Working Group on the use of mercenaries stressed in a press release that it is not expressing its opinions at this stage on the facts of the case, but noted that using mercenaries to overthrow UN Member States’ governments is an offence of grave concern.

It also underscored the principle of self-determination, under which all people have the right to freely determine their political status, as well as the right of the people of a certain nation to decide how they want to be governed without other entities’ influences.

Translation: The Cruceñistas have no friends at the UN, either. This is not about the so-called “Nación Camba” and its alleged right to self-determination, but rather about Bolivia’s right not to be bullied by wealthy oil, gas and agricultural interests of the Media Luna. The fact that the Cruceñistas resorted to the use of mercs when all lawful democratic means failed them clearly indicates the illegitimacy of their cause. It also shows they’re getting mighty desperate!

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3 Responses to A blast from Bolivia’s past

  1. Boris Molina says:

    Have you seen this one about Michael Dwyer the irishman killed in Bolivia?

  2. Boris, thanks again for that. I hadn’t seen it, but it’s amazing how far behind they are. I knew about all of this since at least last week.
    Oh well, good to know the English-speaking media are finally catching on. I was especially pleased to see this at the bottom of the piece you linked:

    Dwyer also he had a Nazi SS insignia tattooed on his arm. The tattoo was disguised in an elaborate, larger design but is clearly visible on his arm. He joked about it with associates on his Facebook page.
    Gardai are now investigating the activities of the neo-fascist Hungarians and Romanians who have come to the Republic in recent years.

    It means that there is some substance to the accusation that he was involved with fascists. It also means that the Irish authorities are finally getting wise to the problem of international terrorists moving in and out of their country. The fact that these guys had no prior criminal records means nothing–the 9-11 hijackers never had any, either. But they HAVE left a trail on the web, and while their sites are now down (they weren’t two weeks ago!), I’ve got some interesting poop on them. Including, from the Szekler legion, evidence that they were recruiting Irish “units”, complete with crests in Gaelic.

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