ALBA to get another joiner?

Could be…could be El Salvador!


Awwwww…don’t they look cute together, Chavecito and Mauricio Funes, getting along so nicely? Looks like they might soon get along a whole lot MORE nicely, if this is any indication…

Mauricio Funes, the president-elect of El Salvador, made a formal visit to Venezuela to meet with President Hugo Chavez on Tuesday. In a meeting that lasted more than five hours, the two leaders discussed deepening cooperation between the two countries, especially regarding oil.


After the meeting, the two leaders announced the creation of a bilateral commission between the two countries to develop projects of cooperation in commerce, energy, and other economic sectors, and social exchange.

Funes said his government will prioritize the poor, “the vulnerable, the destitute… those without voice… who need the new government to represent them,” and declared that his country will continue to receive Venezuela’s cooperation to develop health programs and social projects.

“…will continue to receive Venezuela’s cooperation to develop health programs and social projects.”

You mean they’re receiving it ALREADY? Holy fucking shit, the Axis of Evo is already at work in Central America…HELPING CENTRAL AMERICANS! Oh, the HORROR!

But wait, it gets even scarier…

Another key point of discussion was oil, where the two leaders discussed the possibility of the El Salvadoran state importing it, rather than mayors.

In April 2006 the Venezuelan government signed an agreement with the Inter-Municipal Association of Energy for El Salvador (ENEPASA), an association of 20 FMLN mayors, to start a joint company which would provide oil cheaply to El Salvador. Now, Funes said El Salvador will consider joining the Petrocaribe program through which Venezuela provides oil at below market prices to participating Caribbean countries.

Funes also raised the idea of Venezuela buying more of its raw materials. “Venezuela buys a good part of its agricultural raw materials from Colombia and could instead buy it from El Salvador,” he said.

Holy effin’ crap, they also have an OIL FOR FOOD PROGRAM! Ye Gods and little fishes, that’s TRADE! What else have they got going on?

To Chavez, Funes said, “I passionately salute this sentiment of solidarity that you represent and which for the Salvadoran situation has meant important support in two fundamental areas. First, with petroleum, to the extent that we are a country, as are many in Central America, which doesn’t have an essential resource on which to build our economy, like petroleum. Secondly, with health aid, the cooperation that the noble people of Venezuela have given us through [the free eye treatment program] Mission Milagro.”

Funes said he was visiting Venezuela to “encourage [Chavez] to continue with this spirit of solidarity because only solidarity and the spirit of Latin American unity that is behind it, is going to make the transformation of our nations possible.”

Frackin’ holy mackerel! SOLIDARITY! Free eye care! Why, I bet the Cubans are in on that. That’s COMMUNISM! Holy shit, the Reds have eaten Central America, one eyeball at a time! And this under the nose of Gringolandia. OH NOES!!!

Okay, time to quit hyperventilating. All this co-operation happens also to include somebody else. Guess who? Back to the top of the Venezuelanalysis piece we go…

Funes’s critics have said his presidency will be heavily influenced by Venezuela, while Funes has emphasized that “integration with Central America and strengthening relations with the United States will be the priority of our foreign policy.”

Gasp. You mean they plan on getting along with the gringos AND the socialistas? And worse, they plan on integrating with their fellow Central Americans (and by extension, Latin Americans)? Are such things even possible?

Well hell YES, they ARE. Provided, of course, that the State Dept. doesn’t put its foot in it and fuck things up. Didja hear that, spooks? I’m talking to you directly now. I said don’t fuck it up. If Central America can get along with Cuba and Venezuela, you can bloody well suck it up and admit that you’ve had things very wrong for the last fifty years (and more). It’s high time you got it right–Venezuela and El Salvador are definitely trying to do just that. Time to do with them what they’re doing with each other–TALK.

And leave the gunboats at home from now on, capisce?

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  1. Ifi says:

    “Venezuela buys a good part of its agricultural raw materials from Colombia and could instead buy it from El Salvador,” he said.
    Can’t stop looking at this and smiling.

  2. Nolan says:

    This is clearly a plot by Chavez to become a dictator! It’s not like this would be mutually beneficial to both countries or anything…

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