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Evo invites his friend, former US president Jimmy Carter, to come on out to his farm in the Chapare sometime to pick coca leaves. Carter, a former farmer himself, accepted. I’m not making this up, folks!

Jeez, this Evo-dude is so busy, it’s hard to keep up with all the things he’s been up to today. There’s too much good stuff out there to translate, so I’ll just give you the highlights from various Spanish-language links:

Aporrea reports that the UN high commissioner for human rights in Bolivia, Denis Racicot, has declared the recent attempt on Evo’s life to be racist. “Killing the first indigenous head of state in this country could be described as such,” were his words.

ABI reports that Evo denies having expelled the Peace Corps from Bolivia. This is certainly true; it was not his doing but that of the State Dept., which issued a bogus travel warning that told US citizens in Bolivia to leave the country immediately. And this happened AFTER several Peace Corps volunteers reported having been solicited by a functionary of the US embassy to spy on Venezuelan and Cuban citizens working in Bolivia. Ditto for a Fulbright scholar, who also mentioned having been asked to spy, which was definitely NOT part of his job description. But according to Evo himself, the Peace Corps and all other humanitarian organizations are welcome, as long as they don’t come toting any “hidden agendas”. Hmmm, whatever could he mean by that?

Also on ABI, Veep Silverfox García Linera assures us that Evo’s life was in danger from that terror cell recently busted. Don’t believe the hype that it wasn’t about Evo–it was! Silverfox also sez that the danger’s not over as long as those who paid the mercs remain free–to plot, conspire, and hire more thugs from at home and abroad. He called on the social movements of Bolivia to help protect their president from those thugs. Given that these movements are cram-jammed with people well accustomed to putting their lives on the line for democracy and social justice, what response do you think he’ll get?

Meanwhile, Aporrea publishes the name and face of one of those who financed the plot. Surprise, surprise–he’s with Thor Halvorssen‘s bogus “Human Rights Foundation”, the same chunk of astroturf that’s so human-rightsy, it even lets in that psychopathic, self-exiled Pinochetist of the Venezuelan far-right, Alek Boyd. The latter is famous for his violence fantasies, including (and I’m not making this up) pouring molten silver into the eyes of his perceived enemies. (Note: The “enemies” he’s talking about are all popular, democratic and freely elected.) Isn’t it nice to know Evo’s enemies keep such illustrious company?

And finally, for some inspiring videos of Evo giving good speechy, clicky here.

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