Bolivia terror plot: A new ringleader fingered, plus more members come to light


Just like a bad penny, some nasties (like the Szekler Legion, screengrabbed above) keep coming back…and yes, there are Irish and Corrib project crests on that page. Hmm, whatever could it mean?

I’ve been meaning to translate this item for a few days, and just now got around to it:

A Hungarian, Tibor Revesz, has been fingered as head of the suspected terrorist cell broken up last month in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Revesz is believed to have had more power than the Bolivian-Croatian-Hungarian Eduardo Rózsa Flores, according to revelations by an opposition deputy, Bernardo Montenegro, of the Podemos party.

“According to the information we have, Tibor Revesz was the head and organizer of this group. Not only here, but in his own country, he had knowledge of the organization of irregular groups,” Montenegro told the Special Commission of the Chamber of Deputies, which is investigating the case.

Montenegro revealed that this new element came from the declarations of the Bolivian, Mario Tadic, and the Hungarian, Elöd Tóásó, survivors of the police operation that killed three other assassins last April 16 in the Hotel Las Américas in Santa Cruz. The two prisoners are currently incarcerated in La Paz.

The congressman said that Revesz had been in Bolivia throughout the first stage of the formation of the irregular group, and that for some as yet unknown reason he left the country and left behind five persons, three of them later killed: Eduardo Rózsa, Michael Martin Dwyer (of Ireland), and Arpád Magyarosi (of Hungary), as well as the two detainees, Tadic and Tóásó.

“There definitely were not only these five persons in this irregular group. There were other persons who came to Bolivia, such as the Hungarians Revesz, Gabor Dudog, and a man named [Daniel] Gaspar. Tadic said that at one time, he heard someone say to Mr. Rózsa that it was cheaper to buy two bullets than to pay for travel tickets,” said Montenegro.

According to Montenegro, Revesz is in Hungary, for which reason Tóásó fears for his family. Revesz has an extensive criminal record when it comes to forming irregular (i.e. terrorist) groups.

“He is a person very much connected to irregular groups. He is believed to have been the mentor to various irregular movements and apparently came to Bolivia and began to form this group. One of the hypotheses is that he was in charge of this cell, above Rózsa,” Montenegro said.

I’ve done the Googly Moogly on Tibor Revesz, and here’s what I found:

  • He was with Mike Dwyer in Ireland, and is suspected of having recruited him when both worked as security goons for I-RMS, the private-security contractor for Shell Oil. They worked together on the controversial Corrib gas line project. He is now suspected of having been the unnamed “mutual friend” who hooked Dwyer up with Rózsa and travelled with Dwyer from Ireland to Bolivia, only to return later on.
  • Revesz is also known as “Photosniper” and is believed to be a member of the infamous Szekler Legion. His résumé is chock-a-block with “security” activities that would also be of benefit to a would-be mercenary…or terrorist. His profile definitely matches that of the unnamed “32-year-old Hungarian” who travelled with Dwyer to Bolivia.
  • This Hungarian blogger has heard reports that Revesz was arrested. So far, I haven’t found further details. I would welcome more, if anyone knows.

The other “new” Hungarian name on this blog’s radar, Gabor Dudog, also worked “since January” for a security company in Ireland. Hmmm, also for Shell? His mother, predictably, claims he “didn’t do anything wrong”. Now, where have we heard that before? BTW, Indymedia Ireland is doing terrific research on this case, check it out.

According to the Hungarian ambassador to Bolivia, Dudog and Daniel Gaspar (the other “new” name) have already left the country. No explanation, but if they have ties to this unsavory bunch, none is really needed. They are wanted for questioning (at the very least) by Bolivian authorities, so I foresee an extradition hearing. Play nice, Hungary!

Meanwhile, there’s a real effort to paint Elöd Tóásó as a poor suffering innocent, here. There’s also a “defense fund” and petition, which I hope won’t find many contributors. I don’t buy any of this “oh, but he’s innocent and a hero” crap–I’ve blogged the cellphone video indicating him as being involved in the conspiracy up to his eyeballs. Not to mention I have the pic of him with the big fat sniper rifle. Innocent, my ass–and if he’s suffering now, GOOD. He ought to, for what he tried to do. Foreign intrigue is not fun and games, people. If he’s co-operating with the authorities and singing like a canary, fine–but he does not deserve freedom. He knew what he was involved in, and his moral sense didn’t dissuade him. I hereby remind anyone coming here to troll on his behalf that he faces charges of terrorism and attempted multiple murder, and that this is not some set-up on the part of the Bolivian government, as some people appear to think.

Now, on to the next piece of translation, in which more names are named:

According to today’s edition of the state newspaper Cambio, three names were found in the pocket of the Bolivian-Croat cell leader, Eduardo Rózsa Flores, who died resisting arrest.

One of the implicated is Juan Líder Paz, an engineer by profession, who, according to the inquiry, financed the extremists. Paz is a fugitive from justice as of Thursday, but yesterday his attorney presented a request establishing legal residence on his behalf before the prosecutor in charge of the case, Marcelo Sosa.

The other implicated man is Héctor Renato Laguna, also an engineer, in charge of recruiting youths to the so-called Bolivian Socialist Falange [‘Bina’s note: a known fascist organization] in order to commit separatist and seditious acts.

According to Cambio, the third man is Enrique Vaca, member of the directorate of Fexpocruz, the agricultural fair of Santa Cruz. He is believed to have supplied [fake] credentials to Rózsa. At the present time, Vaca is also a fugitive from justice.

The commission also took statements yesterday from the Bolivian citizen Ignacio Villa Paz, nicknamed “El Viejo” (the Old Man), who is considered a key witness for the prosecution. Villa was one of the closest persons to Rózsa, for which reason his statements are of relevance to the clarification of the international network’s acti

In the statements of “El Viejo”, several names of opposition authorities and members of the business sector of Santa Cruz recur. According to Villa, departmental prefect Rubén Costas and businessmen Branko Marinkovic, Mauricio Roca and Guido Nayar also aided the extremist group.

According to the information obtained so far, the group intended to perpetrate separatist actions and had plans to assassinate president Evo Morales and various members of his cabinet.

More on these new guys later, I’m sure. Meanwhile, enjoy this pic I found of Mike Dwyer and Eduardo Rózsa Flores in shorts…


Somehow, neither looked quite as good in them as Evo, eh?

UPDATE: Otto has a nice, incriminating partial translation of the Cambio piece mentioned in the Prensa Latina article above. Check it out. Among other things, it totally blows to smithereens the notion that Mike Dwyer was in Bolivia on some “bodyguarding” course. He was clearly under shoot-to-kill instructions from Eduardo Rózsa Flores, as the incident of the night of the bombing of Cardinal Terrazas’ house indicates. And he seemed very keen to do the job, too. (As though all those guns down his pants would indicate anything else.) BTW, the article also blows to shit any notions that there was a legal basis for what Rózsa was doing (as he indicated in his interview with Andras Kepes in Hungary). The man was a terrorist, as was everyone else in his band. Any questions?

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  1. Matt Heil says:

    I doubt what Montenegro says. There’s much talk from that funny commission. Revesz might have been a kind of paramilitary service provider to ERF, but certainly not above ERF.
    Meanwhile…read that?
    Didn’t find confirmation in other media…but this pro-autonomy newspaper is run by Centa Reck in turn newly elected director of HRF Bolivia.
    (if I find your email on the blog I’ll send you the cover of that May 16 issue of La Estrella del Oriente).
    Plus more fun: Check out the two latest news here:
    These guys are fake knights as you find here in German:
    And KMFAP is an associated member of:
    There’s a whole thread on all that here:

  2. Richie says:

    is there an email for the bolivian authorities to deal with any information relating to this case

  3. If there is, I’m afraid I don’t know it.

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