Chavecito vs. oppos: Whose words are the worst?

First, here’s Chavecito:

He’s saying that “being rich is bad”, but not only that–he also acknowledges that there are some who will feel offended by his saying so. And then he goes on to say that Jesus said the same thing to a rich man! (Which he did, BTW.)

Now, here are some oppos, saying something about Chavecito:

Oswaldo Alvarez Paz, former governor of Zulia and former presidential candidate for the COPEI (Social Christian) party, doesn’t seem to grasp the concept of democracy very well. He talks on Televen about how “repression is spreading” (a lie), and also about methods of removing Chavecito from power “beyond voting”! Gee, sounds to me like he’s advocating a coup d’état, which is to say, murder.

And just think, people, this man is the so-called CHRISTIAN! He lies and advocates murder. Would Jesus do that? Would he approve of it in someone who professes to be his follower?

Meanwhile, Chavecito correctly quotes Christ and places him (also correctly) in the context of socialism–everyone contributing, everyone benefiting, no one with too much, and therefore no one with too little.

So, who said the worst thing? You tell me, gentle readers.

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