Circling the wagons in Santa Cruz


Wave that separatist flag while you can, Rubén…because someone is closing in on you and your bed-buddies:

The big-business lobby group, Comité Pro Santa Cruz (CPSCZ) called on Tuesday night for a “Cruceñidad Assembly” to close ranks around the prefect of Santa Cruz, Rubén Costas, the Croatian-born businessman Branko Marinkovic, and the cattle rancher Guido Náyar, who have been summoned to appear before public prosecutor Marcelo Soza, who is investigating the financial ties of a group of European and local mercenaries who planned assassinations and the geographic fragmentation of Bolivia.


The CPSCZ, which serves as an umbrella to various businesses and “civil” organizations in Santa Cruz, whose vice-president is Náyar, a former minister of the ex-dictator and ex-president Hugo Banzer (1971-78 and 1997-2001, respectively), also called upon its members to “reject the conspiracy being hatched [by the government in La Paz] against the leadership in Santa Cruz,” according to current CPSCZ president Luís Nuñez.

Nuñez, who is the successor to Branko Marinkovic and also Rubén Costas in that position, also decried a campaign “against the civic movement and against the autonomists on the part of the central government,” alluding to Soza’s investigations.

Translation mine.

Note the close and cozy ties between the Comité and the current prefect of Santa Cruz. Note, also, the very close and inordinately cozy ties between them and Branko, not to mention large cattle ranchers (the same ones who, you might recall, are suspected or have been found guilty of enslaving the indigenous people whose land they stole for their own private property. Yes, Ron Larson, I’m looking at you. And your pretty-boy son, too.)

Anyone who doesn’t see blatant racism and conspiracy at work here had better get new glasses. They’re trying to cover their butts now, which is as good as an admission of guilt. But it won’t wash. This bunch aren’t even subtle about where they come from, remember?

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2 Responses to Circling the wagons in Santa Cruz

  1. Luis Esteban Roca says:

    Dear Ms. Becker,
    I recently read your post “Circling the wagons in Santa Cruz” and found myself distracted from its message. Although we have the right to voice our opinions, whether or not they are accompanied by supporting facts, we should be careful when we make false statements.
    For instance, when you label Branko Marinkovic as a “Croatian-born businessman” you are in fact writing a lie. A businessman he is, but he is not “Croatian-born.” Because he was born and raised in Santa Cruz you should perhaps introduce him in future posts as a “Bolivian-born businessman,” yet I doubt you will because that would not really cast him as foreign intruder meddling in Bolivia’s affairs to seek profit.
    Another lie, although not your fault, is saying that they “have been summoned to appear before public prosecutor Marcelo Soza.” Despite what ABI says, they have not been summoned yet (only mentioned and their image hurt). In my opinion, they have not been summoned because there is no real evidence against them except for the statements that two arrested men made and later took back after claiming they had been tortured to make those statements. It is perhaps time you start reading more Bolivian news sources (not just ABI) before you post your comments.
    The rest of your post is unquestionably biased towards Juan Evo Morales and his movement, but it at least conveys the story he would like everyone to believe. If your goal is to be more like him, you should be proud, your style really distorts facts the way he does.
    “At midnight, she walks without fear of the dark in the caves” because what really frightens her is the light that shines outside.

  2. Okay, I double-checked and you’re right about ONE thing–Branko wasn’t born in Croatia. But he might as well have been, for all his loyalty to where he was actually born. I may not like everything about Canada, but I’m not actively working to undemocratically overthrow the government, even though I despise Stephen Harper!
    As to the “other Bolivian news sources”, considering that the commercial media are all in the pockets of the far-right, I don’t see why I should bother. I know those guys all too well. Their “story” is already all over the commercial media up here, too. Why be redundant? This is a progressive blog, not a conservative or “centrist” one. It is openly labelled as such. What makes you think I should pretend to be “fair” to blatantly unfair people?
    BTW, can you explain to me why you bothered to look up something else I wrote that wasn’t even published here–and why you are now using it to slam me? It’s an interesting non-sequitur, but I reject your conclusion about it and me. Reading something about my psyche into a purely fictional character from an old poem is absurd, but it certainly reveals something dark and unsavory about YOUR psyche. Cyber-stalking is even creepier than your weaselly anti-Evo propagandizing. I’ll be polite this time and advise you against trying anything like it in the future.

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