Cops Behaving Badly: Provocs at the G-20, suspected

No…REALLY? Well, duh. Remember, kiddies…protests are always peaceful as long as it’s only protesters protesting. It’s never a riot until the cops show up!

Liberal Democrat Tom Brake says he saw what he believed to be two plain-clothes police officers go through a police cordon after presenting their ID cards.

Brake, who along with hundreds of others was corralled behind police lines near Bank tube station in the City of London on the day of the protests, says he was informed by people in the crowd that the men had been seen to throw bottles at the police and had encouraged others to do the same shortly before they passed through the cordon.

Brake, a member of the influential home affairs select committee, will raise the allegations when he gives evidence before parliament’s joint committee on human rights on Tuesday.

“When I was in the middle of the crowd, two people came over to me and said, ‘There are people over there who we believe are policemen and who have been encouraging the crowd to throw things at the police,'” Brake said. But when the crowd became suspicious of the men and accused them of being police officers, the pair approached the police line and passed through after showing some form of identification.

Brake has produced a draft report of his experiences for the human rights committee, having received written statements from people in the crowd. These include Tony Amos, a photographer who was standing with protesters in the Royal Exchange between 5pm and 6pm. “He [one of the alleged officers] was egging protesters on. It was very noticeable,” Amos said. “Then suddenly a protester seemed to identify him as a policeman and turned on him. He ­legged it towards the police line, flashed some ID and they just let him through, no questions asked.”

Amos added: “He was pretty much inciting the crowd. He could not be called an observer. I don’t believe in conspiracy theories but this really struck me. Hopefully, a review of video evidence will clear this up.”

Hmm, what are the London Indymedia folks saying? Great Googly Moogly, let’s have a look-see…

Aha! Paydirt:

When the G20 Meltdown was announced, many of us knew that the police were going to launch a “dark ops” assualt on the protest. The media was foaming at the mouth about “anarchist violence”, “killing bankers”, “mayhem”, and all the rest; they certainly didn’t want to be proved wrong. Although many knew beforehand that kettling and police agitators would be used at the protest, we also knew that to miss the festival would mean that we had given up our right to assemble peacefully in the face of the Police State (which many citizens have already resigned themselves to). Thus we were stuck between a rock and a hard place.

But that’s just a beginning. Here’s another lead, mentioned by the Indymedia report, worth reading in its entirety. It’s chock-a-block with links, some to photographic evidence. It looks as though the police and the media co-ordinated the “violent protests” so that there would be plausible reason to discredit the PEACEFUL protesters!

But surely they wouldn’t do that? Surely the media are honest, and the cops are our friends…

Yeah. Right. Even here in Canada, that’s often not true. Remember those three burly “anarchists” who looked suspiciously out of place at an anti-SPP demo in Quebec? The REAL anarchists, who weren’t looking to riot, weren’t fooled either. Most of them live on vegan food and can’t afford steroids, much less regular access to a gym.

Don’t forget, either, the London cop who broadcast his fascistic intentions on Facebook. He was planning for violence. Perhaps he knew who the provocs were, and had reason to look forward to knockin’ some ‘eads?

The watchers are being watched, and if they’re scared, they SHOULD be. It is not the protesters, but the “authorities”, the enforcers of capitalism, who are the real destructive forces out to bring society down. When the banker is exposed as a robber, and the cop and the “journalist” are his accomplices, you know that the “security” you’ve been living is a dirty, stinking lie.

Meanwhile, we await the video, which should serve only as a final confirmation of what anyone who’s been paying attention will already know.

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