Festive Left Friday Blogging: Hey, where’d his legs go?

Evo played soccer outside the presidential palace in La Paz yesterday, but something is wrong with this picture:




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2 Responses to Festive Left Friday Blogging: Hey, where’d his legs go?

  1. ‘Bina, remember it’s winter down there and at 13,000 feet, it’s REALLY winter. Wearing shorts might be the literal illustration of freezing your privates off. Be patient. Summer’s coming down there, soon. Lots of pictures of the soccer president in shorts!

  2. Oops–that’s true! I forgot all about that. Good thing he can’t freeze his dimples off! But then again, I’ve seen him in shorts on a glacier, so he’s probably got a warm heart.
    Anyhow, come the dark depths of our northern winter, there ought to be loads of cute Evo-pix out again…which will warm MY heart no end.

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