How the Venezuelan opposition does “journalism”

Yes, kiddies, more fun stuff from Mario and his band of merry men at La Hojilla:

Globovisión no doubt thought it had scored a journalistic coup when one of its reporters, Beatriz Adrián, came by the confidential information of several members of the National Assembly, including their salaries and discretionary spending budgets.

Well, it was a coup all right, but less of the journalistic kind, and more like “d’état”.

You see, the security cameras were on in the corridors of power, and they caught Beatriz, her colleague Violeta Rosa, and at least two other Globovisionistas in the act of suborning an employee of the National Assembly, who has since been fired. The cameras caught everything: some suspicious conversations, some lurking, some pacing back and forth, and finally, the hand-over of the confidential papers, along with the gleeful exit of Beatriz and Violeta, who can be seen grinning ear to ear at their own “cleverness” in having bribed a poor hapless woman into handing over materials that they had no right to.

Well, I bet they won’t be grinning so much from now on. At least, not in the hallowed halls of the Hemiciclo.

And neither will their boss, Alberto Federico Ravell, who financed this little exercise in cheque-book hackery. I’d sure like to see a camera catch the look on his face when he learned that his girls had been caught in the act of bribery. I bet it would be uncannily like that of a man who has just split his pants and is suddenly feeling a gentle breeze blowing where it shouldn’t.

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