Music for a Sunday: Infinitely crankable

For what you are about to receive…well, I really can’t put it better than one of the commenters at YouTube did:

Let me explain to anyone under the age of 40 that stops by here: this is rock from the far side, the wild side, this is eyes-out-on-stalks, ears-in-a-flotation-tank heavy metal. These guys were outré, avant garde. I bitch slap any weedy modern-day pretenders. The Webster were insanity with a Marshall stack. Try and wrestle this song and the album if you’ve the brass balls to do so. I don’t think you can. So run along, kids, and leave this to the real men! Bust the busters!

Ahem. Well put!

And with that said, here’s Max Webster, featuring Kim Mitchell and a secret guest vocalist whose screeching alto you might recognize:

There’s an incredible amount of Max Webster stuff on YouTube, BTW…and Kim Mitchell solo ain’t bad either:

Rah, rah, olé!

Here’s another of his Max Webster greats, which proves that he’s good for much more than just the loud noodly stuff:

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