Oh Henry!

WTF is Henry Ramos Allup (in dark leather jacket and white shirt) doing here?

Looks like the head of Acción Democrática, the discredited old Venezuelan party of the so-called centre-left (but now on the far right along with all the rest of the anti-Chávez parties) is handing out some rather sizable sums of money to some fellow Adecos. He’s counting out a wad of 50-bolivar bills. But obviously this is not a legit transaction, or he wouldn’t be doing it so furtively in an “undisclosed” location. (He was caught on video by an alert, unidentified local citizen of the La Florida neighborhood of Caracas, who recognized him.)

Mario Silva, who presented this video on his show, La Hojilla, identifies the other Adecos, along with Ramos Allup’s driver. He also uses Globovisión’s “ZOMG, something’s happening!!!!11eleventy-one!!!” terror music. And if you stick around till the end, you’ll also hear Henry rapping a few hilarious key phrases.

What I’d sure like to know, though, is what Henry Ramos Allup said to those other Adecos as he was handing out what looks like an awful lot of corruption money. He sure talks a lot with his hands…

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