Some US citizens who get it…

….and who are out to make sure a certain deeply despised Bolivian ex-president feels it:


“Goni: Human rights abuser fleeing justice in Chevy Chase”


“The US harbors terrorists”


“Human rights abuser living in Chevy Chase”; “…do you feel safer?”


“Goni be gone!”

Looks like they might get their wish, too. Thomas Shannon, the US Undersecretary of State (for Western Hemispheric affairs) was in Bolivia today, talking with Evo up close and personal. One of the topics that came up was–drumroll please–the prospect of extraditing Gonzalo Sánchez de Lozada, so that he can face trial for the murder of 63 Bolivian protesters in person (instead of in absentia as is the case right now).

Does this mark a sea change in the US’s stance on Bolivia? Let’s hope it does.

PS: Otto reports that Branko Marinkovic is feeling a little, um, downhearted. Maybe he met with Shannon too–and got the bad news that Obama-ma doesn’t intend to support him in his little fascist crusade to take Santa Cruz back from the uppity Injuns?

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2 Responses to Some US citizens who get it…

  1. Thanks!
    I was really struck by this paragraph from the second link:
    “Bolivia, like many Andean countries, is struggling to address the imbalance at the heart of its society; here a minority seems unable to accept that the majority Indians are equal.”
    That is exactly the problem, right there, in a nutshell. The old, racist slave-owner mentality is alive and well, and all the terrorism against Evo of late has been geared toward trying to enforce it. Those fuckers don’t want to let go of a power that was NEVER rightfully theirs. The fact that they’re resorting to illicit means, however, tells me one good, hopeful thing: They’re losing and they know it.

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