They’re shuttin’ Detroit down

A country song for all you city slickers.

PS: Detroit’s not the only place hurting. Closer to my home, Oshawa is feeling the pain from the closure of a GM plant.

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4 Responses to They’re shuttin’ Detroit down

  1. Hi, ‘Bina. Been out of commission for awhile. Still recovering but will be back in the fight soon. Love the post. I am sitting here with tears in my eyes and know that it may only be a song, but in the real world they’re shutting Detroit down. Keep up the good fight.

  2. Steve says:

    That’s Big singing as in the country band Big and Rich..
    He was one of the only hi profile celebrity supporters of McCain and the status quo during the last US elections…

  3. Heh…I wonder if he’s had any sober second thoughts since then. Sure sounds like he might have.

  4. Hi, Jim…sorry it took me so long to find this comment and publish it! Glad to see you’re still around; I’ve been wondering if you were okay.

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