Congratulations, Mauricio Funes!

Another left-wing dimple-dude gets sworn in. Sadly, both Chavecito and Evo had to beg off and miss this historic inauguration. No worries–they’ll meet with their new compañero ASAP. (Chavecito already has.)

Noteworthy details here: the archaic Spanish expressions, and the fact that the oath of office was delivered as a “protest”. Also, note the loud cheers from the crowd. This dude is P-O-P-U-L-A-R!

UPDATE, 4:00 pm: According to the Venezuelan TV program Contragolpe (Counterpunch), hosted by Vanessa Davies, the real reason Chavecito couldn’t make it has just been revealed–there’s been yet another foiled attempt on his life. This is not entirely surprising–what else was that recent failed Vargas Llosa visit about, if not to justify the removal of the non-dictator, by non-democratic (as usual!) means? Actually, I’m almost at the point of yawning at shit like this. The fascists have nothing to recommend them, so of course they reach for murder. No word yet on why Evo couldn’t make it, but my educated guess is he has his hands full of something similar.

UPDATE #2, ca. 9:15 pm: Oh look, all the stupid-ass English-language “news” sites out there have the same problem. The LAHT’s resident clown-in-Caracas, Jeremy Morgan, posits Chavecito’s no-show in El Salvador as a “mystery”, before kneeling down in front of Antonio Ledezma’s open zipper for the umpteenth time and making up a lot of shit in lieu of actually reporting a rather important story. Ditto the American Stinker’s Adolfo G. Fabregat, who mentions the whole incident only to call it (snottily) “a continuing soap opera”. What’s the matter, people, can’t you tune in to VTV? Or are you afraid you might get some facts into your lite stories by accident? Damn, I’m scooping you all in my sleep, you lazy imbecilic presstitutes. And I don’t even have to leave my study here on the north shore of Lake Ontario to do it, either…

UPDATE #3, ca. 9:30 pm: Here’s some relevant video on the matter, in Spanish:

Daniel Ortega, the president of Nicaragua, confirms that both Chavecito and Evo were no-shows due to security reasons. Implicated in the foiled assassination plan are certain, as yet unnamed, officers of the Salvadoran army (who have right-wing ties to the old ARENA hegemony of the past couple of decades), the CIA, and the Venezuelan fascist, Alejandro Peña Esclusa. Venezuelan chancellor Nicolás Maduro says the Salvadoran authorities are currently investigating the plot, so further details are still unknown. Maduro also says that the would-be putschists have international ties, most notably to the terrorist of the Venezuelan ancien régime, Luis Posada Carriles, still a fugitive from justice (and likely to remain so) in Miami. He confirms that the international right-wing are banding together in their efforts to kill democratically elected leftist leaders. Shades of Operation Condor? You damn betcha.

Still waiting for the English media to twig to this story…ho, hum, twiddly-thumb…

UPDATE #4, June 4, ca. 11:00 am: Found this on the Daily Sketch, with more details PLUS an anti-Chavecito website advertising on Craig’s List (shame on them for taking this ad!)

Other English media still deader than the dodo on this story. Why am I not surprised?

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