Festive Left Friday Blogging: THE COLD WAR IS OVER!!!

It’s official, folks:

By acclamation, the OAS has finally reversed the 1962 resolution to bar Cuba from membership just for being a socialist country. Video in Spanish, but the smiles and applause say it all. (The photo is Fidel, making a public show of ripping up the resolution during one of his big crowd-pleasers.)

This is a truly historic moment. The wait has been long, and the fight very hard, but sanity has finally prevailed. Let’s savor it for all it’s worth.

Praise the Lord ‘n’ Lady, and pass the mojitos!

PS: Cuba sez thanks, but no thanks–the imperialistas don’t get to set the conditions for our “return” when those are the exact same as the ones that got us expelled in the first place. So nice to know that nothing has really changed in the last, what, 50 years? (Someone please remind them that Cuba DOES have democracy, but it just isn’t a revolving door greased by industry lobbyists. If they’re going to make the stipulation that it be THAT brand of democracy, the Cuban people are well justified in telling them to shove a banana–or their own banana republicanism–up their butts.)

PPS: According to BoRev, The Onion’s imaginary commentators have more insight on all this than the NYT, WaHoPo and Miami Herald’s slack-jawed dweebs combined. I agree!

PPPS: Oh frack, it’s already begun. The Politic-Ho reports that a State Dept. official and his wife have been charged with spying for Cuba, and that some are now saying all bets should be off. I guess the word détente isn’t in their vocabulary, either.

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