Quotable: Fern Hill on the false “middle ground” option

“I’m getting damned sick of all the triangulation and Third-Way hand-wringing bullshit over reducing abortion.

“Or, looked at another way, we pro-choicers already occupy that middle ground. Most of us support all the measures that have been bruited about to reduce abortion.

“Wide access to affordable, safe birth control, check.

“Age-appropriate, fact-based, comprehensive sex ed, check.

“Financial and other support for pregnant women, check.

“Financial and other support for individuals and families with children, check.

“Quality, affordable daycare for parents who want to or have to work or go to school, check.

“Making adoption easier, sure, why not?

“If the militant anti-abortion religious right won’t budge on so-called artificial contraception and fact-based sex ed — and I highly doubt they will — there is NO middle ground.”

–Fern Hill, at DAMMIT JANET!

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2 Responses to Quotable: Fern Hill on the false “middle ground” option

  1. Marie says:

    If you’re not intelligent enough to figure out that denying someone to “evacuate their uterus” (or whatever euphemism you use to help you sleep at night) is not the same as denying a human being the right to live, well, you are not giving the “pro-choice” side of the argument much credit, now are you?
    By saying that one society who killed millions should allow women do the same to their unborn, but living, children, you make the argument that the line has been crossed, and all immoral acts not exceeding the line that has been drawn should therefore be legal and perceived as perfectly moral. Your pages of rant are merely MORE eugenicist propaganda.
    I came to this site to view the pictures of the Holocaust and remember a loved one who avoided death but lost her parents in these camps. And instead I see you using one of the world’s most despicable crimes against humanity to promote another of the world’s most despicable crimes against humanity. So thank you for slapping my Jewish ancestry in the face.

  2. You’re welcome.
    Isn’t it lovely to know that you “pro-lifers” have something in common with the Nazis?

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