Rafael Correa unbreaks my heart!


Hey Raf, are you taking requests? I’d like you to sing Toni Braxton for me…

Remember how, many moons ago, the Ecuadorable One broke my heart by not joining the ALBA? Well, have I got news for YOU!

Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez today informed that Ecuador’s official incorporation into the Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas (ALBA) is to take place at a meeting that should be attended by all the member nation presidents.

In a statement on the Venezolana de Televisión’s “Dando y Dando” program, Chávez affirmed that President Rafael Correa had ratified his country’s entry into the regional mechanism.

He announced that the meeting to officially inaugurate Ecuador as part of ALBA is scheduled for June 24 in the rural area of Carabobo, and affirmed that ALBA is an integration mechanism different from any process preceding it on the continent, and which makes emphasis on fighting poverty and social exclusion. The current member states are Venezuela, Nicaragua, Dominica, Bolivia, Cuba, Honduras, and St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Chalk up one more educated type who knows what’s economically good for his country. That ROCKS.

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