Wankers of the Week: The “pro-life” killers of Dr. Tiller


No shit, kiddies, this is how they really “think”. And this is how they see women. Nice, innit?

Christ, what is it about abortion that brings out the wankers, baying for blood from women and doctors? Whatever it is, they were sure out in force this week, and their ugly side wasn’t far below the surface. In many cases, it was right out front and proud. Just like a wanker’s you-know-what. Here’s who gets bitch-slapped for public obscenity by your Auntie Bina this week, kiddies…

1. Bill Fucking O’Reilly. For demonizing Dr. George Tiller, an abortion provider from Kansas who was recently murdered. IN CHURCH, no less. Of course, he’s pretending he had nothing to do with it. What does one expect from a cowardly wanker like Mr. Oh-Really, or any other of his bed-wetting, loofah-abusing, woman-harassing, shit-stained ilk? They’ll never man up and admit their share of responsibility, as Frank Schaeffer has done, for the general psychopathy of the right-wing fringe.

1 1/2. Juan Fucking Williams. Uncle Tom covers Billo’s blotchy bully ass. Talk about compounding one’s moral cowardice.

2. Randall Fucking Terry. See above, and add shameless mooching. Cthulhu will surely eat HIM hot and crispy one day…soon, I hope and pray. (Hey, it’s commensurate to the crime. Just as he says.)


3. Scott Fucking Roeder. Yeah, I know–why is the stinking assassin third on the list? Because he didn’t come by his murderous attitude just out of thin air. See the two (and a half) entries above. And add extra wanker points for his fascist militia membership. His ex-wife even confirms that his extremism was part of the reason she ended up divorcing him, and that it’s also why his son, now 22, has as little as possible to do with his dad. Nice guy all around, eh?


4. All the fucking Twitter-shitters, freepers, etc., etc. ad nauseam who are applauding this crime. Are they nuts? YES. And they’re also quite typical of the anti-abortion movement, no matter what anyone says. They deeply believe that all women who have sex are jezebels who must be punished for it–with pregnancy, among other things. And if a woman chooses not to stay pregnant (i.e. punished for sex), they scream for blood. Hers? Her doctor’s? It hardly matters to these thugs, as long as someone is killed to atone for the act. “Pro-life” is a misnomer for these people; they clearly have no problem with the murder of medical professionals. Especially if those medical professionals also happen to deliver babies, not just abortions. And, more significantly, if they also practice adoption, as Dr. Tiller did. They also can’t admit that Dr. Tiller did what he did out of a deep compassion for women in a serious bind. Are you people ashamed of yourselves yet? You should be. You’re not pro-life, but the man you love to hate was. And now he’s dead–thanks in no small part to all of you fascist WANKERS.


5. Whoever the fuck is responsible for this defamatory website. You’ve got wanker written all over you. Why don’t you put your OWN name to it, you cowardly asshole? (EDIT: According to an anonymous benefactor commenting below, Wanker #5 is Stuart Bensch, of 1007 W Padon Avenue, Blackwell, Oklahoma 74631. Please direct all correspondence accordingly.)

6. Fucking Google. When I did a search for the phrase “George Tiller delivered babies”, just to see if in fact he did (as many abortion providers do, surprise), the search left the crucial word, “delivered”, out. WTF does Google have against people seeking complete, accurate information on an ob-gyn? Try it yourself and see–it WILL leave the “delivered” out unless you re-run the search asking it to leave it in! And even then, good luck finding non-Christofascist stuff. A right-wing-biased search engine? Don’t look so shocked, kids. The world is full of right-wing bias, and it is the root of all evil. I already suspected something seriously amiss from what pops up in my “Hugo Chavez” Google Alerts. “Don’t be evil” is apparently just an empty slogan to these wanks.

7. Anyone who refers to late-term abortion by the inaccurate term “partial birth”. There is no such procedure, except in the fevered brains of the Amurrican Taliban. The overwhelming majority of “late-term” abortions are second-trimester, and are done only in the case of a fetus that isn’t viable anyway. There is NO “partial birth” about it, and NO sense pretending that there is. Read this and get the facts!

8. Anyone who thinks that it will “save babies” to kill a doctor for Jeebus. No, it won’t. Women who are going to abort, are going to go to any length they have to, even if it kills them. And if you don’t believe me, maybe you should read what Dr. Garson Romalis has to say about his own near-death experience at the hands of one such walking freak-scene. It left him unable to deliver babies, which he did on a regular basis, as well as providing abortions, BEFORE he was shot! (Thanks a lot, James Charles Fucking Kopp. Why do you hate babies, James Charles?)

9. Anyone who thinks that abortion is a “holocaust” and that it’s the sort of thing a Nazi would do. WRONG. The Nazis were against abortion. They were also most explicit in their “KKK” rule for women. This coincides remarkably with the Religious Reich’s own role-modeling for females. They not only rewarded “good” German mothers-of-many with crosses, they actually forbade women to refuse to have children! And let me repeat, this rat-eaten assassin-of-doctors, like many others, was a fundie who moved in some pretty Nazified circles. So, if you’re “pro-life” for religious reasons–congratulations! You have something major in common with fascists:


The Nazi Mother’s Cross–the ultimate symbol of “pro-life” Christianity!

10. Bruce Fucking Murch. Figures that a Quiverfull cultist would celebrate something as heinous as this. They care precious little about the women, and much more about keeping ’em barefoot and you-know-what, in the name of raising an army for Jesus, and for fighting the so-called culture war. For some reason, this whole whacked-up theology has a funny way of backfiring on itself and breeding radical feminists instead. Gee, I wonder why!

And finally, anyone who thinks this CRIME will put an end to abortions anywhere. No, it won’t. It won’t even shutter one clinic! After a period of mourning, Dr. Tiller’s clinic will be open next Monday…and practicing good medicine, providing a needed service to women in a bind. Meanwhile, your “hero” Roeder will be rotting in jail, and this time, he won’t be getting out on any technicality. The law is clear–this is NOT justifiable homicide. This is first-degree MURDER, by definition–because there was malice aforethought. This is a legal definition which applies to all doctor-killings, but NOT to abortions. (When’s the last time YOU saw a woman have an abortion simply to torture her own fetus? Oh, only about NEVER. Abortion is, therefore, not murder–QED.)


And no, I don’t need you wanking in my comments section here. None of your comments will be published, and anyone who tries it will be insta-banned (and your e-mail will be saved to be forwarded to the appropriate authorities if you threaten me in any way).

Your hate speech stops here, bastards. Now go and get a life.

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20 Responses to Wankers of the Week: The “pro-life” killers of Dr. Tiller

  1. jj says:


  2. Steve says:

    Beautiful! Thank you.
    And yes, on their damned freedom of hate speech. Not on my dime, either.

  3. Dr. Prole says:

    Righteous rant! I’m pumping my fist in the air and it’s only 5:30 a.m.

  4. You go girl!!!
    That’s what I love about your blog…it calls out the assholes who pervert (pun intended) justice, crucify Christianity and generally are …well I can’t think of a better word, so WANKERS!
    The best progressive site on the entire web.

  5. deBeauxOs says:

    Wow. Simply Wow.
    This is a superb wrap-up and smack-down of all the religious fundamentalist rightwing abortion-criminalizing malevolence that oozed and shrieeeked in the aftermath of Dr Tiller’s public execution by one of their fetus fanatics.

  6. Anon Y. Mous says:

    RE: #5 (via GoDaddy.com):
    Stuart Bensch
    Stuart Bensch
    1007 W Padon Avenue, (FAX)
    Blackwell, Oklahoma 74631
    United States
    Registered through: GoDaddy.com, Inc. (http://www.godaddy.com)
    Domain Name: DR-TILLER.COM
    Created on: 28-Jun-03
    Expires on: 28-Jun-13
    Last Updated on: 21-Sep-08
    Administrative Contact:
    Bensch, Stuart skbensch@wiredok.com
    Stuart Bensch
    1007 W. Padon Avenue, (FAX)
    Blackwell, Oklahoma 74631
    United States
    Technical Contact:
    Bensch, Stuart skbensch@wiredks.com
    Stuart Bensch
    1007 W Padon Avenue, (FAX)
    Blackwell, Oklahoma 74631
    United States

  7. Wow. Thanks, everyone. Especially you, Anon Y. Mous–I don’t usually like anonymous comments, but I’m letting this pass because it’s obvious you did it for a good cause. Consider Stuart Bensch of Oklahoma to be the #5 Wanker of the Week!

  8. fern hill says:

    I’m getting a ‘page not found’ message for No. 5 link. Did you scare him off the toobz? If so, great!
    Fabulous post.

  9. Oh, devoutly to be hoped! But sadly, I fear that the page has simply been retired because its purpose has been served. No sense whipping up further hate against a man whom hate has already killed…
    All the same, the wank’s name and address will stay posted, in case he tries the same with the NEXT doctor on the terrorist hit-list. Gotta watch these people, eh?

  10. Greengeeta says:

    what the right wing will never admit is that their anti-choice stance is about preserving the white race. (maybe some of the dumber ones aren’t aware that they are parroting this). what blows mind is this: the fuckers who wish to preserve their “culture” for the next 1,000 years are usually the same ones who refuse to preserve/improve the environment for the progeny they’d like to force into existence.

  11. You’d think these bozos could learn from history, but they think they’re the opposite of Hitler, when in fact they’re his ideological clones! Even sadder, they seriously think their ideology *could* stand for a thousand years. In the face of sanity? HA! His stood for–what? 12 in all. And if it hadn’t been for a major cash infusion from the US (and Dubya’s grandpa, Prescott, in particular), it wouldn’t have lasted for one.
    If only I could fit this on a bumper sticker…sigh.

  12. ceti_alpha says:

    The ultimate irony of the pro-life fanatics is that they only purportedly care about the fetus precisely from conception to birth. Once out the womb, you’re shit out of luck, and you gotta start pulling yourself by your bootstraps pretty quickly. In their world, there is no room for “scroungers”, not even babies. It’d be all so hilariously pythonesque if it weren’t so f’n tragic.

  13. Wait! I’ve moved. I now live at 220 W. College Avenue, Blackwell, Oklahoma 74631
    My phone number hasn’t changed. (580) 363-2971
    Don’t be so lazy! A quick check of phone directory would have caught that.
    Stuart Bensch
    aka “Wanker #5”

  14. Macu Naima says:

    Re-Posted you, as I often do on my Twitter acct milfuegos
    as well as on my blog (also Milfuegos
    Keep up the good fight

  15. Saskplanner says:

    This is WONDERFUL> What a great bunch of information…..
    Keep it up.

  16. mynalee johnstone says:

    You could have included Gary McCory with his 60,000 graves of aborted babies. When I emailed him about it asking if he was aware of some of the dreadful cases Dr. Tiller attended to he insisted that Dr. Tiller was a murderer of 60,000 babies and that as a result, Dr. Tiller became a millionaire.
    Don’t try to reason with these people.
    I would also add as the the biggest wankers, the entire Nation. There has not been enough OUTRAGE! And demand that these hate mongers be silenced.

  17. I wasn’t aware of him (I’m tempted to say “thankfully”–ugh), but consider him added now.
    And yes, any country that permits such abuses of free speech has a major problem–a loophole in need of closing. There’s a very good reason why Canada doesn’t have any home-grown doctor-killers–we don’t let this kind of hate speech pass as “free”. Our culture is, on that level, significantly different from our neighbors to the south.
    BTW, for any of those OTHER wankers out there who think Dr. Tiller became a millionaire by doing what he did, read this. Here’s the key paragraph, highlighted for y’all:
    “‘George took them when they were not able to pay for his services,’ writes Dr. Bill Harrison in the Arkansas Times. A retired Fayetteville physician long-targeted by anti-abortion activists, Harrison sometimes gave patients cash for the sorrowful drive to Wichita. To enter Tiller’s clinic, they often had to pass through gauntlets of screaming demonstrators.”
    Screaming demonstrators…wankers one and all!

  18. Come on guys! You STILL haven’t change my info under Wanker #5. I’ve MOVED!
    Stuart Bensch
    220 W. College Avenue
    Blackwell, OK 74631
    (580) 363-2971
    Also, Tiller DID kill 60,000 babies BY HIS OWN ADMISSION…
    and that statement was made in the 1990s. He was a millionaire… just run the numbers… $10,000+ for each late-term X about 10 per week X 50 weeks a year = $5 million gross for his clinic in one year from late-terms alone. Simple arithmatic that even you proaborts can do.

  19. All right, fucknut…I told you I don’t put up with wanking here. From you or ANY of your insane, hateful ilk. You had your say. I don’t bow to the wishes of wingnuts. Consider yourself henceforth banned.
    And if you try to come back under another address, I’m going to report you to the FBI. You have been warned.

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