Well, it worked for Fidel…


“I pray to the Blessed St. Progress and the Sacred Free-Trade Agreement that the US and the official press will intercede for my horrible sins…”

“Don’t worry, my chosen son, official history will absolve you!”

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2 Responses to Well, it worked for Fidel…

  1. Hi, ‘Bina. It took me a moment to realize that that was Bloodsplatter TwoBreakfasts your cartoon referenced. When I did, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Where is the Catholic Church leading the moral outrage over the murders in Peru? Probably the same place they were when Pizarro invaded:passing the ammunition to the murderers and telling the indigenous to convert or die. And I’m Catholic so all you wingnuts keep your poison pens to yourself.

  2. The church hierarchy is certainly selective in targeting its outrage, no? They would rather wring their hands over embryos and fetuses (forgetting entirely that God is the #1 abortion provider in the universe!) than help those already born to improve their circumstances. Not exactly what one expects of those who claim to follow Christ.
    And of course, we already know what happens to bishops who speak out against the powerful–a certain Monsignor Romero in El Salvador did and suffered the consequences. The one comforting thought I have is that some who were complicit in his murder and those of the brave nuns will not go unpunished after all:

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