I’m just blown away by all the good words from great people who linked my Wankers of the Week post from last Saturday night. I was worried about posting it at all, fearing I’d get death threats and anonymous mouth-breathers on the phone, or at the very least, a slew of woman-hating trolls wanking their toxic splooge all over this place.

Didn’t happen. Instead, I got love from:

JJ at Unrepentant Old Hippie;

JABbering Stooge;

Dr. Prole at A Creative Revolution;

and I’m not sure who all else.

If anyone else linked me and I haven’t heard about it yet, it’s because I’m not a rancid ego-googler. I’m of the firm belief that those who go looking for what other people are saying about them, end up reading something that’ll set their hair on fire, and I’d rather keep mine unsinged. But if you’ve recommended my post, feel free to add your link in the comments below. I can always use more fine folks on my blogroll.

And y’know, I really must dust off my pro-choice brass knucks more often. I’d forgotten how good it feels to hit misogyny below the belt. It’s been 20 years since I helped a couple of million other Canadian women (and men!) get a bad law struck off the books, y’see…

EDIT: Also been added by Macu Naima at Milfuegos. Good to hear from you again, Macu!

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6 Responses to Wowzers!

  1. Wow. I knew that Matacuras dude was crazy (Mario Silva is so right, Globomojón IS a mental health hazard). And I’d heard from Alberto Nolia (before he went on hiatus) that he was associated with human rights abusers in El Salvador. That makes HIM one, too–and still active as such in Venezuela. Oh, if only they WOULD throw this nutbag in prison, and flush the key down the toilet!

  2. Utpal says:

    The Venezuelan govt. at one point tried to investigate Castillo, but they discovered that all the DISIP documents from the period were missing, so it was impossible to make a case based on available Vzlan documents. I assume that there may be stuff in El Salvador and possibly the US that would get them.

  3. I’m not surprised that his DISIP files went missing. The VZLA gov’t of the time was not exactly a human-rights paragon either. The Yumare and Cantaura massacres took place in VZLA at about the same time as El Salv was going to hell. I imagine there were a lot of DISIP files either never written or conveniently disappeared at the time–for the “right” people, natch.
    I don’t know if El Salvador kept anything, but there might at least be witnesses there who are now disposed to come forward against the aptly nicknamed El Matacuras.

  4. Utpal says:

    By “Vzlan govt” I meant the Chavez govt.

  5. Yeah, I figured you did. I wonder if DISIP purged their files as soon as they realized Chávez was going to win. I bet they did!

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