Hillary lies down with dogs

…and gets up with predictable results. Here’s her idiotic, inflammatory interview with an infamous Venezuelan human-rights abuser turned Globoterror presstitute, named Leopoldo Castillo (airing out his muy mal inglés, which I’m sure gave him quite the pitiyanki hard-on):

It’s in two parts, so don’t forget to click through. If your stomach is tough enough for it, that is. Mine gave out about four minutes in, when El Matacuras (that’s Castillo’s nickname; it means “priest-killer”, for reasons I’ll get to shortly) starts getting all unctuous with the leading question of the day.

And of course, Her Royal Clintoness falls straight into his trap. Just as the major US media did (citing only oppo media sources, natch). Shameful.

Clearly Hillary has NO idea what the fuck she’s talking about, but what’s more important is that she has NO idea who the fuck she’s talking TO, either. Here’s a little something the major commercial media in Venezuela won’t tell you about El Matacuras, starting with a rather crucial photo:


That’s El Matacuras during the 1980s, that golden decade for right-wing thuggery in Central America. He’s clearly drunk off his ass (a condition he was frequently in, I’m told), and he’s flanked by Roberto D’Aubuisson, Salvadoran human-rights abuser and founding father of the fascist ARENA party, and José Napoleón Duarte, often mischaracterized as a centrist (he wasn’t; he was also on the far right, just in a different party). This was taken when El Matacuras was Venezuelan ambassador to El Salvador–and when the right-wing governments of the decade were killing nuns and priests and even a well-known archbishop with impunity. During that time, we heard nary a word of boo from the United States; on the contrary, the Reagan/Bush State Dept. called them Great Democratic Leaders, one and all–which of course it would, seeing as it sent in the Marines repeatedly to install them. Machetera can fill you in on all the fun stuff, she’s already addressed this (as usual, I’m fashionably late to this particular party.)

Now, I know the State Dept. reads this blog. I’ve been tipped off by a blogging buddy who spotted them on his Sitemeter–they cruised into his blog from an entry on mine. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if this entry ended up meeting the eyes of HRC her own selfe. So, Hill, I really wanna know–WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU THINKING, HANGING OUT WITH THESE FASCIST SCUMBUCKETS? And who are you to prate about the “need” for “press freedom” in Venezuela–which has way more of it than the US does? If FUX Snooze openly called for you to be assassinated, as Globovisión does daily with Chavecito, I think you’d change your tune in a helluva hurry. Haven’t you seen The Revolution Will Not Be Televised? (Oh, here. Enjoy.)

So why the double standard, Hill? Why have you morphed into Blondoleezza Rice? Oh yeah, I forgot–it’s Venezuela, and this Chávez guy is probably standing in the way of your realizing a better packet of kickbacks from Corporate Amurrica, who aren’t profiteering quite as hand-over-fist in Venezuela as they used to do before. Silly me! You’re the woman who sold out to Big Insurance back when your hubby was El Presidente de los Estados Unidos, so of course this comes as less of a shock to me than one might think. Your people are still without free universal healthcare. Venezuelans, on the other hand…oh, just read this and weep. What was it you used to advocate for as first lady, again?

If you have any morals left, Hill, you’d do well to stop taking the local presstitutes at their word, and put a country mile (or ten thousand) between yourself and them. Or, as the old saying goes…oh, what was it you get up with again when you lie down with dogs?


Its taxonomical name is Ctenocephalides canis, and I hear it’s a real bitch to get rid of. Just ask El Matacuras. He’s still got his ears full of ’em.

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