Honduran media invent two US senators


“Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!”

Three days ago, the sharp-eyed Revolter at BoRev was flummoxed by a supposed US senator he couldn’t account for in a Honduran press article. Well, last night it came out in Venezuela’s alternative-media site, Aporrea, that the questionable man (named Tom Dime) does not exist…except in the malarial fever-swamp of a few pressmen’s brains down on the Mosquito Coast:

For the oligarchic press in Latin America, the lies seem to be limitless. In the case of the Honduran media, the lies are so infamous that they lack all connection to any reality, including the fiction of democracy that they themselves invented.

This weekend, they lied deliberately in claiming that “United States senators came to Honduras to meet with functionaries of the government”. The supposed senators were Tom Dime and Brian Bilbray. However, neither of them is listed on the official website of the US Senate as members of that legislative body.

To give some benefit of the doubt to the information divulged by the putschist newspaper El Heraldo, let’s also investigate the website of the House of Representatives, where we succeed in finding Bilbray, but there still is no one by a name even resembling that of Tom Dime–that is, the Honduran media invented a United States senator.

We have no doubt that those persons are in agreement with the Micheletti dictatorship, but we are certain that neither is a senator, as the nefarious Honduran fiction media claim. According to the Honduran press, Bilbray and Dime were supposedly received by Micheletti in the government house. Did Micheletti, in the midst of all the illegality surrounding him, decide as well to launch a coup d’état in the US Senate and designate Tom Dime as a member of that organism?

It appears that Charlie Christ, the governor of Florida, is also involved in this combination of visits arranged by Micheletti and the ultra-reactionary US congress member Connie Mack, in order to try to tive some kind of legitimacy to the usurper’s régime.

The putschist media of Honduras apparently can’t organize the farce well, and that Tom Dime guy apparently will have to remain a fantasy, even as in the newspaper La Prensa they announced that he had arrived in Tegucigalpa but was not seen in any meeting with dictator Micheletti: “Tom Dime, of the same party, also attended, but was not seen meeting with Micheletti.”

If they were to write an examination over the use of lies and fictional realities, the communication media allied with the dictatorial régime of Micheletti would no doubt pass with flying colors.

Translation mine; links as in original article.

So, what have we got here? Looks like a small, pathetic handful of the usual right-wing congresscretins, mainly from Florida, trying to legitimize the illegitimate yet again in some squalid-ass corner of Latin America. This time, the effort was particularly pitiful–they couldn’t even rustle up a single senator willing to put his name to the farce. So they invented two–borrowing one from the House of Representatives, and the other from Oz.

If I ever go to an art auction, I’ll be sure to take Revolter along. He’s got a good eye for the forgeries.

Now, if only we knew who “Feneton Biltreid” (apparently of California) was.

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