Honduras: Tell me it’s not fascism


Private property is protected, human rights are rejected, disrespected, and neglected. This pic just says it all, eh?

Meanwhile, here’s a quick round-up of some interesting bits and pieces:

Venezuelan photographer Wendy Olivo reports that human rights abuses are rampant. The coup’s military enforcers actually told some of their indigenous victims (and I quote): “You’re not people.” In Spanish.

British journalist/activist Calvin Tucker, writing for 21st Century Socialism, also reports human rights abuses. He accompanied the caravan carrying Honduran first lady Xiomara Castro de Zelaya toward the Nicaraguan border and saw a number of frightening things: soldiers in ski masks, and snipers running through the hills. Tucker puts the dirty lie to the putschists’ claim that there is no repression going on. Well, I guess not–if by “people” they mean only the upper classes (as the soldiers in Olivo’s harrowing experiences apparently did.)

Machetera posts the first part of a two-parter dissecting ex-Cuban Cold War crazyman Otto Reich and his (key) role in the Honduran coup. Also guest-starring the infamous Robert Carmona, ex-Venezuelan anti-Chavecito putschist crazyman. Lots of handy-dandy info there on two shitbirds you’ll see cropping up again and again wherever Latin America is going off the rails. Also goes into the parallels between what happened to Zelaya, to Chavecito and to Jean-Bertrand Aristide of Haiti. And no, none of them are coincidences!

There’s been another death in the repression. YVKE Mundial (of Venezuela) reports that a schoolteacher named Roger Abrahan Vallejo was shot when police and soldiers, evidently acting together and on orders from you-know-where, fired on unarmed pro-democracy (and pro-Zelaya) demonstrators. This brings the known death toll to three so far, although there might well be more that we simply don’t know of yet. So far, according to YVKE, there are 88 injured and around 1200 being held prisoner. Witnesses say that helicopters and tanks were used to fire on demonstrators, and that police pelted the crowds with rubber bullets and tear gas in an attempt to intimidate them and drive them away. A priest named Andrés Tamayo is quoted as saying that the agression began around mid-morning, when helicopters launched tear-gas grenades. He is also quoted directly: “They are using all kinds of brutality. They don’t care about the people”, because in Honduras “there is no law anymore.” Report in Spanish.

It looks bad, but something must be getting to someone, because YVKE also reports that “Goriletti” is now threatening to withhold wages from anyone caught demonstrating against his fascist fake government. The subititle says it all: “Goriletti is desperetti”–hilarious! Meanwhile, on a more serious note, Xiomara Castro is now headed back to Tegucigalpa, unfortunately minus her husband. In Spanish.

The legitimate president, meanwhile, has come out publicly with what any honest observer already knows to be the case: “Venezuela has not interfered in Honduras in any way”. Great, now tell it to the media crapagandisti!

And finally, yesterday, President Zelaya also announced that he is forming a “popular army” of supporters to try, once more, to return to Honduras, this time with the protection of his own people. Let’s hope it works this time.

Stay tuned…

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