Oh noes! Hezbollah is in Venezuela! 11111Eleventy-one!!!!

Or at least, so says Avigdor Lieberman–a highly paranoid nutcase who seems to have hijacked the levers of power in Israel, though he was certainly not elected. Remind you of anyone? Anyhow, for those wondering if there are nefarious Lebanese terrorists on the Guajira peninsula in Venezuela (near the border of Colombia), here’s one of the accused to clear the matter up once and for all:

Hi, meet Nicia Maldonado, accused Hezbollah terror cell member. As you can probably see, she’s not even remotely Lebanese, much less a Muslim. She is an indigenous Venezuelan Wayúu, and they have their own Earth-based religion that’s light years away from middle-eastern Islam. Here are her words on the whole dirty, disgusting schmier:

“This story about the existence of Hezbollah terror cells in Venezuelan territory is one more evidence of an upside-down world, in which Israelis kill Palestinian children and then say that we are the terrorists…I believe that more than an attack, this is the path the empires have taken, above all the terrorists who killed children in Palestine, and who now want to import this terrorism to Latin America, and with the installation of five US bases in South America, they’re trying to create an armed environment….However, the Venezuelan people have turned themselves into the vanguard of revolutions in Latin America, and they must be prepared, above all in the social movements, to stand up against this attack against the peace and tranquility of this region.”

Translation mine.

BTW, there is nothing of human make on the Guajira peninsula except a cluster of indigenous communities. And their worst problem? Getting enough water for their needs, and a clear demarcation of territory between Venezuela and Colombia.

I trust that clears it up…and proves Avigdor Lieberman (and any other racist morons subscribing to this unproven old chestnut) to be definitively full of shit.

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