Chavecito welcomes Noam Chomsky

Video in Spanish, but you can hear the English translation if you listen with earphones.

He calls him “one of the greatest defenders of peace in the world.” Chomsky’s response is characteristically modest. But his analysis is as astute as ever–Venezuela is indeed showing what kind of better world is possible–and it’s confounding even the expectations of the bizmedia, who keep hollering that it’s going to collapse. And who keep having to eat their words while watching “model” economies tanking again and again, while Venezuela keeps going steadily upwards.

I wonder if they’re going to misreport what Chavecito said about Galbraith again, and claim that he must be unstable because Chomsky is obviously alive and well and standing right next to him. If they do, it will be proof that THEY are unstable and not to be trusted to shape public opinion, because they can’t even report the facts accurately. (Not that you and I didn’t suspect as much already, eh reader?)

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