Headline Howler: The Beeb fumes at Chavecito

Honestly, what can you say about a headline like this…

Chavez fumes at neighbour Colombia

…other than that it’s just pure dumbassery, since nowhere in the piece that follows is there even a suggestion that the president in question is “fuming” at anyone?

But don’t take my word for it. Or even the (increasingly dubious) word of the Beeb. Here’s a video of the press conference in question, where Chavecito addresses, very patiently and at length, the questions of the foreign press about recent accusations from Colombia (totally unfounded) that he was arming the FARC. The Big Guy points out that the weapons in question are (a) old, having been purchased from the US during the 1980s; (b) incapable of being fired more than once (they were designed for single use); (c) incapable of reaching targets more than one kilometre away; and (d) stolen as of some 14 years ago. Meaning, he can’t possibly have handed them to the FARC–they were plundered from the Venezuelan arsenal, probably by a greedy officer looking to make extra cash in his spare time by selling what wasn’t his, during a time when Chavecito was already out of the army (he retired from it in 1994 with the rank of lieutenant colonel, in order to pursue a career in politics). Now, watch the video and see for yourself whether he’s “fuming” at anyone or over anything:

Mind you, this is in Spanish. But as my German mother says, it’s the tone that makes the music, so pay attention to the ‘Cito’s tone. Does it strike you as “fuming”? No, he’s pleasant as can be. The reporters he’s addressing are women, so he’s on his best behavior. He’s explaining, as well, Venezuela’s historic relationship to Colombia, and emphasizes that Simón Bolívar, Venezuela’s national hero, was Colombia’s liberator, and its first president as well. In short: he’s got nothing against Colombia; it’s the government of Colombia with whom he’s got a legitimate bone to pick. (Oh hell: try a whole carcass.)

He also produces a piece of weaponry confiscated from a Colombian paramilitary captured on Venezuelan soil, likely in one of the Venezuelan opposition’s many attempts at a putsch. (They like to hire Colombian paramilitaries to do their dirty work.) The stamp on the weapon indicates that it is “Property of the Colombian Army”! Now, how did THAT get into THOSE hands? The Colombian army has some ‘splainin’ to do. But of course, they’ll never explain anything. They prefer to lob accusations at an innocent man, an elected leader, popular throughout the region–and they like to make their shit stick, using such useful idiots as whoever writes the headlines for the BBC.

So, Beeb, congrats–you win the Dumbass of the Day award. Feel special!


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  1. Carl says:

    I honestly hope that fucking thug Chavez tires to invade Colombia or incite some kind of border skirmish. Having trained and operated with Colombian forces from 1990-2004, I can guarantee you that they would kick the living shit out of Chavez’s hollowed out army.

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