Most racist country in Latin America is…


…PERU! Where shit like this gets published in “respectable” newspapers, no less:

So now you know. For those of you who still think of these ‘ethnic groups’ as ‘good’, ‘naïve’ and ‘pure’, I’ll remind you that it was these same people who perfected the art of shrinking the heads of their enemies and wearing them on the belts holding up their loincloths. They couldn’t do that with Congress. Their heads couldn’t be shrunk any more than they already are. Anyway, if the ‘natives’ didn’t shrink the heads of the policemen they killed and eat their remains, it was only because there wasn’t time.

Not only that, these chunchos – who I’ve seen wearing well-made Lacoste t-shirts and polo shirts, as well as Adidas trainers – say that oil – which belongs to all Peruvians – shouldn’t be exploited if it lies under what they call ‘their’ land. What a cheek! They’re against logging for the same reason. And to cap it all, they don’t want to pay taxes. Perfect! What do these policeman-murdering wretches think that the factories whose products they wear run on? Water? How do they think the medicines and hospitals, which you demand free-of-charge, are produced? As far as I’m concerned, they can get f**k*d, loincloths and all!

BTW, this isn’t Correo’s first offence. Check out what they had to say about a Quechua member of the Peruvian parliament. (They also have a history of printing their racist drivel without bylines, I see. Bad form, par for the course of bad journalism!)

Yep, they’ve really come a long way in Peru. The government has no qualms about driving people off their own land if there’s oil underneath it; the murder and highway robbery gets excused with blahblah like “The oil belongs to all Peruvians” (except the indigenous, whom the tyrant president himself says are not real people.) The indigenous no longer shrink heads; now, the shrunken heads all sit on the shoulders of white so-called journalists who write blatantly racist EXCREMENT like the excerpt above, and they are shrunken by other whites who seriously believe that the native tribes know no more than 80 words apiece. (I’m not shitting. You can read the whole thing here; it gets no better as it goes along.)

Muchas gracias to Matt H. for the heads-up (no pun intended). As for the unnamed writer of the dreck, there’s a special award for you, pal:


Or if you can’t do that, man up and put your name to it, so readers can see whose head to call for. (Pun very much intended.)

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3 Responses to Most racist country in Latin America is…

  1. ‘Bina, where do you find these wonderful articles and tidbits? I am soooo jealous of you. You always get them first!
    What I find hard to believe is that our “post-racial” Corporate Media in the US somehow fails to note that all of the shit generated by the anti-everythingers in Latin America that they DO publish are form rabbiblancos. Anytime an indigenous or mixed race person does anything positive, it never makes it into the US Corporate Media. But let the anti’s twist it into something that they can in any Palinesque-Bachmanesque logic distort into something ‘socialist’, it leads the ‘news’. What a system. It makes me want to puke.

  2. Well, this one was sent to me (and a couple of others). But usually there’s no great secret–I just keep a couple of tabs open in my browser, then run down the daily headlines in Venezuela, Bolivia, etc. When I see something that grabs me, I run with it.
    And at the rate things are going, with the wingnuts labelling everything sane (which they hate, of course) “socialist”, well–socialism will practically end up selling itself, with no help from li’l ol’ me. After all, look what a great job the ‘wingers have done…

  3. Fred The white south african says:

    Man why dont they just Nuke Peru ,that would be very funny along with the middle east.Id need some popcorn for that show .

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